Ginette’s “Butterfly Kisses” Quilt

I shared with you earlier this year a free downloadable quilt pattern called “Butterfly Kisses.”  Click here for information to download the pattern instructions.

FINALButterfly Kissess

I was over the moon when Ginette from Quebec, Canada, wrote and shared with me her version of my Butterfly Kisses quilt.  She graciously permitted me to in turn share her quilt with you.

Ginette wrote, “When I saw your pattern called Butterfly Kisses, I immediately knew it was “the one” for the fabric I bought in Florida… What I have learned when I made this quilt, is how to sew narrow strips. This was new for me… Your pattern was very easy to follow and fun to do.”  I smiled at the narrow strips comment – those narrow black strips you see in the quilt finish at 1/4″.

And I am just in love with the 45-degree stripe border pieces.  Don’t you?


I feel most honored my name made it to the quilt label!   That is exactly how my quilting teacher, Barbara, taught me how to make my quilt labels!


Ginette also included a photo of the quilt covering her table.  What a lovely autumn quilt, don’t you agree?


Well done, Ginette!  And thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt with us.

Thanks for stopping by, Friends!  I hope you have a lovely day!


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