Stack o’ quilts…

Hi Friends, yesterday I showed you the stack o’ pancakes I had enjoyed with my little family last weekend.


Here you see my latest stack o’ “returned” quilts!  Except for the one that is on the far left, I had received the rest back from various magazine editors within the last 10 days.   I look forward to showing these quilts to you after my sewing frenzy is over.

IMG_3597Now, do tell me which one (except #3 and #4) you would like me to show you first… starting from the left:

#1.  Nature Walk, cover quilt of American Patchwork & Quilting, 2014

#2.  Elephant Walk, Quilter’s World, Winter 2013

#3.  Farm Crossing, publish pending

#4.  Boxing Day, publish pending


#5.  Persian Rug, Annie’s Fat Quarter Shuffle Book

#6.  Starry Dance, Annie’s Fat Quarter Shuffle Book

#7.  Midnight Flurry, The Quilter, Holiday 2013

#8.  Winter Wonderland, The Quilter, Holiday 2013


Also, many of you who have quilted much longer than I have, just what do you do with your stacks o’ quilts?  How do you store your quilts?

Thanks for stopping by.  I am STILL sewing like mad — and today was pretty much a write-off because I mostly un-stitched!  GRRR — I didn’t need that extra work of taking out stitches, and re-stitching pieces this late in the game before Market.  Yet, it is what it is… Hugs to you all!

29 thoughts on “Stack o’ quilts…

  1. Well, I have to confess I spread my finished or almost finished (binding needed) out on the spare queen bed. Please don’t ask how many. I am slowly giving some of them to special friends. Would rather sell, but have no outlet for selling. that’s how I store mine. I did talk to a quilt appraiser and if you want to store in a plastic tote, wrap in pillowcase or sheet first, then drill 2 holes just below the lid on 2 opposite sides so it can breathe. Then cut an odor eater in half and tape on the bottom side of the lid to absorb any musty odors or humidity.

  2. I like to see Midnight Flurry and Nature Walk. Really hard to decide. I usually give things away or store in a cedar chest that I have.

  3. Love them all!! So far, I’ve given most of them away as special gifts. DH and I were just discussing this situation as I will need to make some new ones…..yes, “some”. I am doing/scheduled for teaching and ‘trunk’ shows in the upcoming year and need something fresh to share. The few I have left are lap sized and fit well on the back of the futon, love seat, deacon’s bench, etc. Note: on our way. In London, KY. Tomorrow: Aiken, SC, til Friday. Hugs, SSAB

  4. My stack of quilts is mostly gone! The vast majority of my quilts have been gifts or donations, so I don’t have many in the house. Still here are three on walls, a few place mats and table runners, and a few larger ones. So I don’t have problems with storage. Two large ones are hanging over my stair rail now. As the weather gets colder, they’ll come off and surround us with cozy warmth.

  5. Wow. I can’t believe so many quilts have arrived in the last ten days. Makes me equate that to how you could possibly have created them all, in a similar window. You are an amazing whirlwind quilter. And, I look forward to seeing all of them, in any order. But only when you have time to share.

    For storing quilts, I’m not a good roll model. I don’t have a lot of room and tend to fold them. Some are in closets, some are in cabinets, some are on the backs of sofas….but most have been given away. Of those in the business, some I know fold and store, some roll and some layer quilts on top of a guest bed. But I do recommend if you are a folder, to not re-fold on the same fold every time you fold.

    I wonder why I don’t see more quilters “hanging” for storage, but maybe it is because our domestic options are for hanging single quilts at best. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “mansion” and be able to float quilts from the ceiling, row after row. We’d never need to fret about fold lines.


  6. Oooh I can’t wait to see individual photo’s! :-) I have many displayed around the house, and those that are out of season are in a cabinet…. I guess I’m not much help. Sorry you had to play with your ripper! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  7. Ooohh, I’m anxious to see all of your quilts, in any order. But, as someone suggested, “when you have time.” I keep my quilts in a couple of tall, curio type cabinets. I can see them because of the glass doors and sides, but they also have shelves so they are only stacked 4-5, depending upon the size. I also trade them out during the year, depending on the season. I have several quilt stands for display. Storing is definitely a challenge. Good luck, I suspect that you have a “few.”

  8. Golly, somehow my automatic contact info has gone missing……I just sent the previous comment …….and now this one……..hmmmmm…….computers!!

  9. I am very excited to see all your work when you have a breather. I feel very fortunate to have someone so talented So freely sharing. Your patterns are a terrific engineering feat and the quilting exquisite! Thanks a bunch.

  10. I’d like to see Midnight Flurry, Winter Wonderland or Elephant Walk. Truthfully, it really doesn’t matter which one you get around to showing first. I love them all. :)

    I don’t have room to keep many quilts so they’re given away as gifts or to charity.

  11. Oh, Midnight Flurry is calling out to me!! Most of my quilts are gifts, but I do have some of my keepers displayed on quilt racks of various types. Unfortunately I have more in my “to be quilted” stack than should be allowed!

  12. Well, Wendy, since you asked, I’d love to see Persian Rug or Starry Dance first. I’m in awe of how prolific and precise you are. Most of my quilts are given as gifts or donated to charities. There are some hung on display in my home. The few kept favorites are folded in a closet, and I take them out and look at them once in a while.

  13. I am glad to know I am not the only one who has to take out stitches. I am getting nervous, I started sewing Christmas gifts at the first of September, and I don’t seem to be making much progress.

  14. What on earth do you do with all your quilts once you have made them? Do you sell them? I should imagine you would soon run out of family to “gift” them ally on my 9th quilt (5 of them were baby quilts for friends and family) and my husband is looking worried already!!! we don’t have that many spare beds!

  15. #5 Persian Rug!!
    I don’t ‘keep’ anything I make….I quilt for a specific purpose,….I do have a box full of unfinished tops from last winter…when I was taking a class and making a different quilt top each week. I’m looking forward to my week of classes at IQF in Houston! Maybe I will see you there!

  16. Elephant Walk and Winter Wonderland intrigue me BUT whatever order is fine. Majority Rules??? Thanks for sharing – great inspiration.

  17. Oh Wendy, I think I’ve already bought the magazines that they appear in – lol. You amaze me with the amount of quilts you generate.. And I just want you to know that your putting a crimp in my budget! You’re my addiction! (((hugs)))

  18. I would like to see #7, Midnight Flurry, first! I like the dark colours best!
    Also re: pancakes: I always grated some apple into my pancake batter, and added cinnamon and ginger! Always great in the fall and winter.

  19. Beautiful! I love them all but I’m intrigued by the elephant walk. May I ask, if I wanted to make a patchwork quilt with crushed velvet and equally rich fabrics, how do I choose the fabrics? How do I get started? What do I need to consider when making my fabric selections other than color? Thank you! Pamela

  20. I don’t often have a backlog that need storing since my quilts usually have a recipient waiting. If I’m “playing” with a pattern and don’t have a name attached, I fold them inside out and hang them in the closet till they have a home. Most are gifts, but some are donated…two went to Colorado Springs this summer for families displaced by the fires.

  21. SewCalGal’s comment reminded me of an article I just read about Bunny and Paul Mellon (I think it was them?) who used to own adjacent mansions in the best section of Washington, D.C. One to live in, and one to house their spectacular art museum. So now I’m imagining what if I could buy the house next door, which is currently on the market, and use it just to store and display quilts like my own private museum? :-)

    First, I want to see the elephant quilt VERY BADLY and I hope you will show that one first.

    Next, I finished my first quilt in 2002 and I have only made a total of nine. I take a bit longer than you do to finish each one… ;-) Out of those nine quilts, four were given away as gifts, two are currently on my sons’ beds, and one is folded up in my son’s closet (a “crib sized” quilt that comes out for picnics or an extra layer on the bed when it’s chilly). Then there’s the fall themed couch snuggling quilt, which is going on the couch today, and the other one, the first Roman Square that was made for my 12-year-old when he was two — that one is folded on a chair in my bedroom awaiting repairs, because he used to chew on the edges of the quilt when it was on his bed for nine years. So, I don’t really have that quilt stack storage issue!

  22. You’re so prolific! Thus far I’ve saved most of my larger quilts. I moved to Florida with 116 of them. The larger ones are stored two to three to a pillow case and are stacked on the top shelf of the master bedroom closet. Smaller quilts are rolled and stored in a drawer in the footboard of the master bedroom king-sized bed. And another dozen-and-more are hanging on walls. My only advice is to never store a quilt in plastic. it’s the worst thing you can do for it.

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