Teapot haven!

Given the choice of a nice piece of china and a nice piece of fabric, I think would always choose that nice piece of china – because I am dish-aholic!  How about you?  How many of you out there have a penchant for the ever so lovely breakables?


I came across an article about a tea shop owner having 1,000 teapots in her collection!  I am awestruck!  I can spend days being in the midst of those teapots, and just studying the details on them.

article-2452973-18A4144500000578-952_634x538[image source:  Daily Mail, UK]

I had fun playing I-spy with the teapots in the pictures.  I see teapots made by Paul Cardew, James Sadler, a few that are Staffordshire ware, and a couple of Brown Bettys in other colors.  Oh boy, oh boy, I would love to have a few of those teapots myself…. but I would have a hard time coming up with ideas on what to do with 1000 of those teapots!

What would you do with 1,000 teapots?  Click here to read the article.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely weekend, dish-aholic or not. :)

p.s.  Sew in Love {with Fabric} blog did a feature on my Manhattan quilt.  Click here to read the article.


20 thoughts on “Teapot haven!

  1. Being a Brit. I love tea and I prefer it in a teapot. However if I had to choose between a teapot and a lovely piece of fabric, then the fabric would win every time. Fabric I can use. A teapot would probably go in the cupboard and I am supposed to be getting rid of junk prior to moving house!!! My husband would probably allow the fabric but would kill me if I got a teapot!

  2. I would probably sell them for fabrics. I do have a collection of china cups and saucers that fill most of a china cabinet. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Appears that, so far, fabric “wins out”….LOL! I’m not sure which way I would go, since dish-alholicism seems to run through my veins, also! Your setting is lovely and elegant and just begs one to sit a bit for a sip and nosh! Hugs, SSAB

  4. Are you & Miss Baby having tea parties? I see one of your sister’s cakes in the picture. have a lovely weekend. Things are good here.

  5. I love teapots and have collected a few. Recently found out that two of the pots I have are Brown Bettys. There’s a Hall teapot that I would love to find. It was a black with a fired gold cherry blossom design on the pot. My grandmother had given one to my Mother shortly after Mother and Dad married. A few years ago, one of my precious cats(!!!) broke it. Never seen another one like it!

  6. A thousand teapots?? I don’t have room for that many in this little apartment, but If I HAD that many, I’d start selling! Keep the nicest half dozen and use the money from selling the rest to fund my fabric and quilt supply needs.
    The picture at the top is lovely! What delightful china!

  7. You know I’m a dishaholic, too!

    I love that Royal Albert pattern SO much.

    Just wish you lived nearer so we could play with our dishes together.



  8. I really like dishes, but after a while, where would one store them? I have to admit I have collected some teapots in my day. I use them for decorating around the various holidays: a rabbit one, a heart one, a 4th of July one, and some that are just cute…but I have to think long and hard if I buy any more as I really don’t have the space to store any more! So now days, fabric would win out for me too.

  9. I have 13 full sets of dishes (8-12 place settings each) including 2 for Christmas. Does that answer the question???? When we lived in NY, we were near Woodbury Commons, the huge outlet mall, and there was a Waterford/Wedgewood store that sold both the pink and blue Old British Castles china which I loved…but couldn’t decide between the two. I was there so often, the salesguy used to say “Ah, my pink and blue lady” when I came in. Absolutely love dinnerware as much as fabric….of which I also have more than any sane person should admit to.

  10. Wow – 1,000 teapots is a little excessive! One friend collects teapots and has a shelf with a rail all around her kitchen where they sit. It’s nice she can have them out to enjoy, but I’d hate to have to dust them.

  11. I used to collect Sadler tea sets…still have them, just haven’t added to the collection in a while. The older ones are getting hard to find!

  12. How you temp me, Wendy!! I covet the plates that match your teapot!!! I am a dessert plate lover!! So far I have been able to control myself to some degree and only have about 5 sets. Even when I buy paper plates for desserts at my sewing circle they must be pretty! I justify having sets of dessert plates because they are small…..not big like dinner plates.

  13. Royal Doulton’s Country Roses was my must-have tea cup and saucer set. That was the beginning of an entire table setting for 6. I wouldn’t want 1,000 of anything… except maybe bolts of fabric! Thanks for sharing that fun post!

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