Block upon block…

Hello Friends,  I have been template piecing block upon block in the last few days with some really cute fabrics.  I will share more details later when I am able to do so.  For right now, here is a sneak peek:


How do you feel about template piecing?  Do you use the technique often to construct blocks that aren’t rotary-cutter-friendly?

Thanks for stopping by.  I am getting back to work.  Hugs to all of you!


13 thoughts on “Block upon block…

  1. Wendy, what do you use for your templates? I always shy away from them as I haven’t found the ideal plastic. Hope all is well with your family.

  2. Hey, I thought you were taking a break to focus on your deliverables? Still, fun to see blog updates sharing insights on what you are working on.

    I do use templates and love the ease of accuracy that they offer, yet I think I do much more quilting with rotary cuts. I look forward to hearing any precision piecing tips you can share using templates. For me, I get the best accuracy when using templates and hand piecing.


  3. I almost always use templates for my piecing. I love the process of tracing around each template and cutting out the fabric. It’s a “zen” kind of thing. If your template is accurate and you trace and cut carefully, piecing is a breeze. My rotary cutter is rusty, since I rarely use it!

  4. We can’t wait to see! I’ve never template pieces before. I have done some foundation piecing though… Good luck with your Market Samples! I’m sure they will shine!

  5. I don’t like template piecing (I don’t get them as accurate as I’d like), but if I like a pattern, I will template piece. I do want to be able to use rotary cutter.

  6. There are some designs that just have be be done with templates. When I work on one I always think of our ancestors who used little pieces of cardboard to cut their templates. How quilting has changed!!!!!

  7. Template piecing? What do you mean by that? Like English Paper Piecing, or foundation piecing, or is this something different where you’re actually tracing around a template and cutting out each patch with a scissors?

  8. Last year I did a mystery quilt that had two templates in it. Loved it! Now I have these templates that I made myself to use again on something else. I totally get the “zen” part of it.

    Enjoy the Fall !!!

  9. I do use paper template”English piecing” from time to time, but often redraw the pattern to make it suitable for foundation piecing. You just have to see where the block has to have more than one foundation pattern to make it possible.

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