Fabric Preview: Benartex’s Concerto

Adding to the drama of me being under the weather, my computer crashed yesterday morning!  Mind you, as my sister can attest, my life is generally boring, uneventful and down right plain.

I am now back in business, at least my computer is.  As for me, I am limping along, forcing myself to work because magazine quilts don’t really care if I am well or unwell.  When they come due, they come due!

By the time you read this post, I would be about ready to cut into these Benartex Concerto fabrics:


Curious mind wants to know if you had a favorite classical musician.

IMG_3460If I could only pick one, mine would be J.S.Bach.  I am always in awe how much he accomplished in his lifetime, being the trailblazer in many things musical.  His motto “Soli Deo Gloria” inspired me as a young teenager, and the motto continues to profoundly impact my life.  Click here to read further on Bach’s other mottos.

I hope you have a blessed weekend.  I am hoping for a drama-free one. :)  Hugs to you all.


17 thoughts on “Fabric Preview: Benartex’s Concerto

  1. So happy that both you and your computer are either back or are getting back on track. Classical music is my favorite when I am creating. Bach is great, as are many others. Fun fabrics!!!! Have an uneventful weekend!!!

  2. Hope you continue feeling better! your computer, too!
    I have many fave classical pieces and composers. But Mozart has a special place in my heart. How he could speak to us thru just a few notes coaxed out of a stringed instrument to the dread of “Don Giovanni” and the glory of “Requiem”. He can bring tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. He was a genius. Gone too early from us…but must be making beautiful music in Heaven. And Vivaldi’s Four Seasons…you experience each one in your heart and mind. And the commanding sounds of JS Bach on the organ. I could go on and on, but musn’t.
    Looking forward to what you will do with these gorgeous fabrics!

  3. So beautiful! My fave is Sergei Prokoviev. “Peter and the Wolf”, “Romeo and Juliet” et al! His slightly discordant sound just appeals to me. Glad you are a wee bit better. Hugs, SSAB

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I hope you are feeling better soon. there are a few viruses roaming around — these are the years that the whole family will rebuild those child hood immunities with Baby going to school.
    I love all classical music. Chopin, Liszt, Satie, Mendelsonn, Rachmaninov etc etc and Yes, every single thing of Bach of course, and Beethoven. I have piles of piano music I try to play regularly. I love violin very much. We have two violins that need repairs.
    I hope you have a productive week-end.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I’m glad your computer is back in business.

    I love those fabrics.

    I don’t know that I have one favorite composer. I do have many favorite pieces of classical music.

  6. I love the Romantic composers — Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, Sergei Rachmaninoff… especially their piano compositions. And I LOVE this fabric collection so much that I want to stash yards and yards of it! Is this collection available yet, or is this a preview of good things to come?

  7. Beautiful fabrics! I find I am drawn to fabrics with words on them! Definitely Rachmaninoff is a favorite classical composer. Our music channel we listen to on TV via U-verse has little pop-up info about the composers as their music is playing…makes it even more interesting! Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Certainly hope you’re feeling better Wendy. What lovely interesting fabrics!! It will be fun to see what you come up with. Take care!

  9. Oh I LOVE this collection!! Can’t wait to see you work your magic on it :) I do hope that you start feeling better soon. Maybe some hot tea and some of your favourite music would help? I can’t say that I have a favourite, because there are so many good works to choose from…. Hugs!

  10. Wagner. You really should take care! Sorry your under the weather but it always makes me so grartifule for health when I do get better.

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