Vanity Post: To the moon I go! …

… Well, almost, but not quite.  But I can assure you, I am making baby steps.

moon[image source:]

I came across an article about parents driving roughly 125,817 miles before their child is old enough to drive.  That’s half the distance between the earth and the moon.  Click here to read the article in full – a very light read!

I am sure you can empathize whether you are in the “right in the thick of it” or “been there, done that” phase.  As for me, there is no doubt I am in the “right in the thick of it” crowd, and am making my baby steps toward my “half-way conquest of the moon.”

For those who are in the “been there, done that” group, are you over the moon now that you don’t have to do that anymore?  [Sorry, that was SO lame!]

Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind get-well wishes.  I am at least able to put in a bit of work today.  I sincerely hope the worst is over…

17 thoughts on “Vanity Post: To the moon I go! …

  1. I do hope every one is feeling better! I looked at that mileage and then thought about my car, which I used the last 12 years going to work… nearly 250,000 miles; and that was “post” child rearing……So, it appears I have “been to the moon”. Seriously; enjoy those minutes in the car, where the kids are TRAPPED with you; they can’t get out…..and talk talk listen listen talk talk. Turn off the music; and listen. They grow so fast, and will be gone in a blink. And, hug them!

  2. That’s a great article. I forwarded it to all of my kids who ae feeling the same way you are. I am over the moon at this point, but still help with the grandchildren schlepping so I guess I am on my way back from the moon at this stage.

  3. Enjoy it, you know they are safe with you.
    I hated it when they and their friends started to drive. No more sleep for mum when they are out, worse when they are late back. There time with you so short. Now mine have kids of there own. They wonder how I survived the terror they gave me ,loll

    • This stuff is so awesome that it feels like my eyeballs will explode while looking at it. You really need to write a lot more articles if you want to be a recognized influencer in this field. You have really opened my eyes to different ways of looking at this subject with helpful and insightful content. I worked in this field back in college, in Massachusetts. I am visiting for the third time this week. I’ll discuss your site with my Facebook group.

  4. Speaking of the moon. As I was leaving church tonight around 7;15 going east, there was a beautiful full moon and behind me a beautiful sun with just a few streaks of clouds across it. And of course, the camera was at home. Awesome!

  5. I did this with three children, And truthfully I really miss it. We went to music lessons (violin, viola AND cello), concerts, orchestra practices, science classes, voice lessons, field trips, AWANA etc………. yes there are a lot of miles, but it is well worth it.

  6. Been there, done that. Don’t know what was worse, me constantly driving or having the kids drive and me worry! Hope you are feeling better, kiddo?

  7. I was actually sad when they could drive themselves! Driving them and their friends around was prime time for companionship or overlistening spy time, whichever was apropos. ;D

  8. In hindsight, those driving years were over in a flash. Of course, it didn’t seem like that at the time. I DID like driving to and from junior high dances–the kids forget you’re there, and the things you learn–well worth some lost sleep.

    Some of my best conversations with my daughter were in the car. You are both a captive audience, which is a good thing sometimes.

  9. Dear Wendy, I know you will enjoy these years. You will have a lot of good discussions and laughing and little friends in the car.
    These days will bring along good memories in the future.
    Also in the future…… is that good example of driving from which Baby will learn.

    “Life is a path” or as I used to liken it too, a white water raft ride. We have to stay on the raft, and when they fall off, we can help them learn to hang on, and get back on.

    Have a fun week

  10. Looking back, these times presented so many opportunities to really get to know my kids (and more recently for me, my grandkids). Enjoy these times because they go by much too fast!

  11. Been there don that, I remember being really glad when the kids could drive. But then I missed being involved in their activities. Now I back in the think f it with my grand son. The wheel turns and we march on

  12. This brings back memories for me of my Dad driving me to Sunday school. We would talk all the way there and he was always parked in the same spot when I came out when it was over!

  13. I just have to ask – do you normally drive your kids in the US until they can drive themselves? I drove mine when they where young and they was almost clueless of traffic rules (no matter what), but today my 14yr old either bicycles or walk. But alas, it take him like 20 min to walk to school…. My 17yr old fences for himself in his new hometown with bicycling, bus and tram rides :-)

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