Birth Sampler: Part 8

I started working on Miss Baby’s birth sampler a very long time ago.  And a very long time later, the sampler is still not finished!  Miss Baby has even started making comments about “how slow Mom is” when it comes to stitching!  Despite the snail-paced progress, I have been able to add to the sampler.  Here is the latest progress picture:


Here is a close-up shot of the latest additions:


Noticed that red dog?  It is in honor of Miss Baby’s Clifford.  Clifford has been a fixture in Miss Baby’s life as long as we can remember.  Despite being half-blind in one eye and hairless (that black snub on the top of his head is where his hair was – you probably have a pretty good guess what caused the premature baldness), he is still very much loved.  So he gets a special placement in the sampler:


So… curious mind wants to know how old your UFO’s are… :)

I am anxious to get this sampler done though, despite being slow.Thanks for stopping by.  It’s  back to work I go…

24 thoughts on “Birth Sampler: Part 8

  1. Oh that’s so cute, Clifford that is. Love the sampler. What a treasure. My g/dau has a chocolate colored bunny that hospice nurse gave her when her papa was about to leave us. She talks to him like he was papa and his name is papa bunny. Loved to limpness.

  2. I love the sampler, beautiful work. I started one for my son when he was about 2, it’s still unfinished. His birthday is this month. He will be 35. I disgust me too! Elaine

  3. This is going to be so cute and I hope we get to see the end result. Doing that cross stitch would absolutely do my eyes in. So tiny stitches. Happy Cross stitching.

  4. HA – I think Elaine has me beat! By a mile, I must admit. I am proud to say that my oldest UFO is umm…well, it was started in this century…but juuuuust barely. Samplers like that take a lot of time, cuz they’re packed so full of love! I made a similar sampler for our old farm, personalized to fit our house & barn, full of kids, chickens, dogs, rabbits, and even our cherry & peach trees. It was a lot of fun, but I was sure glad when it was finished!

  5. I love Clifford. I still have my daughter’s Cliffie. He’s 29 in human years. Only UFOs I have are the three that I am currently working on. All should be finished by Sunday. All of you quilts are beautiful.

  6. This is very fine work, no wonder it is taking so long. You will get.
    My daughter had a teddy bear that required stomach ‘surgery’ from time to time due to all her cuddles, the teddy got a very flat tummy……not a great cuddly look for a teddy bear! So I would open up the teddy ( AKA ‘TED’ ) & re stuff her tummy…..whalaa!!!!! New teddy!

  7. I have far too many UFOs to describe. I recall at one point I told friends I’m no longer making baby quilts, but when their baby is born I’ll start making a Graduation Quilt (college). LOL. Your stitchery is beautiful. I’m glad you are working on it at an age Miss Baby can appreciate it and will remember you stitching it for her.

    BTW – I love her Clifford. I had a dalmation version when I was young. Fond memories, but I never named mine.


  8. This is so pretty. I can’t wait to see it finished. Pardon my ignorance, but is this cross stitch? You stitches are so small and perfect. I wish my mom had made one of these for me. My mom didn’t sew or craft. Her calling was cooking. She loved to cook and was great at it.

  9. Stitching like that does take forever. but will be a real heirloom when it is finished. I’ve been working on a Nativity for at least as long as you, Wendy. Clifford doesn’t look too bad compared to some of the little loves I have seen with my grandchildren.

  10. Wendy the sampler is perfect — your stitches so neat and clean. Miss Baby will cherish this piece one day (lol). I have a Blackbird Designs Christmas Sampler that I’ve been working for about a year — I am only 1/20th complete with it. I found a birth announcement cross stitch about a year ago — it was 20 years old — it was done but never framed or finished. For my favorite cousins first born child. How is that for OLD UFO ? Keep up the good work — it will be an heirloom ! Hugs, Karen

  11. LOL I have a quilt I started about 30 yrs ago. I want to finish it, but it needs something. It is a Day night quilt, 1/2 is day time, the other half is nighttime. the night time needs something other than an owl. maybe when I have a great grandchild I’ll get it together, or maybe it needs to be trimmed down to a wallhanging.

  12. I actually have a couple of cross stitch pieces I began when my boys were younger but abandoned because they were getting to “old” for them. I think boys are a little more sensitive to that kind of thing – girls can like teddy bears and such even into adulthood. I decided to save them for if/when we have grandchildren.

    My current project was begun earlier this year, I think. I need to get motivated to pick it up again.

  13. My oldest ‘UFO’ is more of a WIP that I keep getting distracted from. It is a rather large (14″x18″ I think) counted cross stitch. I have been working on it for 8-10 years.

  14. My oldest UFO is over 15 years old. I have lost track. It is a queen size quilt that has been basted and waiting to be hand quilted. Quilting the sashing is what has thrown me off all these years. After someone gave me advice on quilting the sashing I got it out and quilted one of the 13 blocks. 12 out of 13 blocks are hand pieced. There are many paper pieced buttercups around the whole thing. It is pretty. Maybe someday.

  15. WOW! I know I’m way behind reading my mail–. My eyes are so bad BUT it sure looks like you’re stitching ‘over one’; are you? You brave, brave girl! Someday when Miss Baby finds out what cross stitching is all about, I know she’ll ‘WOW!’ your work also. It is just so elegant, Wendy. You are so talented.

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