Woodland Snapshots: Sneak Peek #1

Happy Monday, Dear Friends!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  My little “night owl” Miss Baby really liked being able to sleep in during the weekend, and not have to wake up early for school.

After an intense week of pattern writing last week, I am back to sample making.  I should be able to finish a new quilt top tonight, and here is a sneaky peek.  I am in love with that foliage print:


The fabrics shouldn’t be too foreign to you, as I already have a magazine featured quilt, Enchanted Forest, using the Silent Harmony fabrics by RJR Fabrics.  Click here to view more pictures of Enchanted Forest.


I also designed a free to use pattern, Nature’s Harmony, using the same fabric collection.  Click here for information on how to download the pattern instructions in pdf format.

Design 5h_blue_high res

I actually like designing/making multiple quilts using the same fabric collection.  I like the fact that each quilt ends up having its unique personality, kind of like kids in the same family having different personalities.

How about you?  Do you ever make multiple and different quilts using fabrics from the same fabric collection?

Thanks for stopping by!  I always appreciate your visits.  I shall catch up with you later.


7 thoughts on “Woodland Snapshots: Sneak Peek #1

  1. I do like that Nature’s Harmony pattern. I also like the quilting you are doing on the sneak peek.

    I’ll bet Miss Baby really enjoyed her no waking weekend. It sounds heavenly for her.

  2. That line of fabric has the same ‘look’ as the photos on my/our GS’s “trail cam” that picks up the night time munching/ramblings of deer in the area. I am loving it more and more. Flying Geese is one of the fave patterns of mine. So easy to make and versatile to fill those odd block spots. Beautiful job!
    Ahhh, those school adjustment days! Hugs, SSAB

  3. How funny you have a little night owl!! When I was growing up our bedtime was always 7:30, if we could waste a little time and make it until 8pm we thought that was really late!!

    Love the flying geese in this quilt. I was at a Quilt Expo on Friday and so about 4 demos on flying geese. Must be the newest “in” thing!

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