Curious Cats turned Japanese Kawaii by…

… Pam!


Definition of kawaii:  Cute in the context of Japanese culture (link to Wordnik)

Pam turned my Curious Cats quilt (shown below, and click here for more information) into something supremely cute and adorable!

Curious Cats

Fabrics really do make the quilt, don’t they?!  Thanks, Pam, for sharing the sneaky peek.  Can’t wait to see the entire quilt finished!  Nothing thrills me more to see my quilts being personalized, and Pam certainly did a really kawaii job!

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends.  I am starting to get the upper hand in my new schedule… (and thanks to those who wrote or commented with encouraging words on the new “school” phase in my life)!


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8 thoughts on “Curious Cats turned Japanese Kawaii by…

  1. Totally different ‘feel’/look!! Both are so appealing! Yes, September brings so many changes in our lives (and, for some, a few “firsts”!). Exciting days for you and your family! Hugs, SSAB

  2. When I think about your new schedule I smile because I think of the hand washing episode with Miss Baby having paint up to her elbows!! You must have a little less hand washing!!

    Have a good week Wendy!

  3. Wait — my piano is a Kawai. Does that mean it’s the Cute Piano Company of Japan, or does it mean something different with only one I? I love her fabric choices, and I agree that your Curious Cats pattern would be great for lots of different novelty fabrics.

  4. Gonna be a cute quilt………I think my almost three year old Granddaughter would love it. First week of school is a challenge for all family members. Routines are not yet established.

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