Smocked Bishop: First Day of School

Hello Friends, some of you guessed correctly the “big plan” I had for this smocked bishop.  I wanted to have this done in time for Miss Baby’s first day of school.



So it was a joint labor of love between myself and dear friend Annelle, mixed in with lots of prayer for the Miss.  I did the smocking, and Annelle expertly did the garment construction.  But there is a third person involved in this labor of love – it was Linda who gifted us with the pleated front that eventually became the dress.  Thanks again, Linda!


I just love the yellow gingham dear Annelle used for the neck and sleeve bands.  The yellow gingham gave just the right casual touch, without compromising the classic smocked bishop style.



I am sure I hadn’t blocked my neckline perfectly round prior to smocking, but I do want to show you what the smocking looks like if you fan out the dress.  Ideally, the neckline would be perfectly round.  But as Miss Baby would be quick to remind you — her Mom isn’t perfect.  So, please forgive me for the slightly skewed and wonky neckline.


Fortunately, the not-perfectly-round neckline didn’t seem to matter when the bishop was put on Miss Baby.


I think a great time was had by all on the first day of school.  The house was strangely quiet for a couple of hours after we dropped off Miss Baby at school.  I kept expecting to hear “Mom, could you please get me some milk?” etc…

If you have known me since my pre-Miss Baby days, you know this is a milestone for my little family.  Thank you all, whether or not if you have known me pre or post Miss Baby, for your ever encouraging support!  Love to you all.

Thanks for stopping by.  If all goes well, I hope to share with you a cover quilt tomorrow.

p.s.  We did finally find the Pentel white erasers!  Thanks to those who had written and asked, and especially those who had offered to send me some.  You are the sweetest bunch.  You do know that, don’t you?

30 thoughts on “Smocked Bishop: First Day of School

  1. the dress looks adorable on your little princess.
    She looks snappy with her backpack too!
    I know that eery quiet — soon you will fill it with massive productivity
    and then every afternoon she will come home and share her new knowledge!
    The dress turned out wonderful

  2. The dress is beautiful for your precious little girl. Two years I smocked three bishops–and they are still not sewn together into dresses since I don’t sew clothes. Ugh. Guess someday I’ll find someone to sew for me.

  3. Wow, Wendy, where has the time gone? The dress is beautiful and I’m sure Miss Baby was proud to wear it. I hope she has a wonderful time exploring her new world.

  4. Oh wow!! Beautifully smocked!! What treasures, both Miss Baby and the dress. Happy new adventures for both Mom and Daughter. Fun, fun times!!! Fun, fun memories!!!

  5. Oh Wendy and friends you did a beautiful job on the dress! It is adorable and just so perfect for Miss Baby’s first day of school. How cute! Wendy hang in there, when you see your little darling growing up And being thrilled with her new friends and new found knowledge it will make it a bit easier. Quilty hugs…

  6. Wendy she is so grown up and that dress is just gorgeous. Love the colours and love her little owl on the backpack. Is that a pouch for hand sanitizer? I am sure she felt so loved wearing her dress.

  7. That’s adorable, and believe me, it will be no time until the first day of school is ANYTHING but a DRESS! Thanks for such encouraging and touching comments!

  8. What a labor of love on everyone’s part! Hope Miss Baby enjoyed her first day of school. Enjoy the “dress years” while they last!

  9. No one would know the neck wasn’t perfectly round unless they laid it out like that, which no one is going to do, so no worries. :-) It is an adorable first day of school dress. I love the gingham on the neck and sleeves. The first day of school is a BIG milestone – for child and parent!

  10. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. I think the yellow gingham is perfect with it. Your smockings are heirloom pieces, Wendy, and I know Miss Baby will love having them for her own children someday.

    Don’t you wonder where all of those years have gone now that she is in school? It’s hard to see them go off to school and the house must feel so quiet. These new normals come faster and faster.

  11. Sigh! Those types of school ensembles are not worn around here, unfortunately. The school even encourages a more “playground friendly” attire! Truly a beautiful heirloom! And, yes, they grow so quickly. Each day is a precious page in a chapter of her “life book”. How we wish (sometimes) that we could stop those pages from turning so fast!!! Hugs and prayers, dear SSAB………….

  12. What a perfectly gorgeous dress. She is a lucky little girl. It looks lovely on and i bet it is so comfy! I want a Grand daughter to sew for. Little boys won’t wear smocked things!!!!

  13. When I first started reading your blog you were having “school” at the kitchen table and now she is in school for real. Love the dress…….my Mom was not a sewer but I always got a new dress for the first day. It is good things like that don’t change.

    Thanks for sharing this special moment.

  14. The bishop is gorgeous and is a perfect first day of school dress! It is hard to believe Miss Baby (you may need a new nickname for her!) is going to school already. It was just yesterday we were showering you with lovely gifts for her! I’m still in awe of your smocking and quilting. I always think fondly of you when I quilt! Blessings to you and your sweet little family! Much love!

  15. You are pretty sweet yourself! I’m glad to get a peak into the life of your little family and to see your beautiful creations!

  16. I’m smiling and thinking warm thoughts about that first big day. I am a bus driver, and have seen many of them. What a beautiful dress, to start school in!Miss Baby is going to be fine … don’t worry.

  17. Oh so very sweet! Love the dress for the first day of school. Great way to celebrate a new milestone. Love the backpack, too! I’m glad you survived the day, too!!

  18. Time certainly flies when your little one starts school. Some say when they start school, that ‘they’re gone, the world has ’em.” Nah, they’re still yours. Just smarter. PS: I can see how tall Miss Baby is getting.

  19. The dress is absolutely beautiful! May I ask what is the name of the smocking plate you used? I would love to make one but wasn’t sure where to find the plate. Thank you!

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