Farm Crossing: Sneak Peek #1

Hello Friends,  I have been missing you, and certainly haven’t forgotten about you!  The last few days have been crazy with unplanned errands that took up entire days.  AND to top it all off…. we were without internet services for most of today!  (Yes, I did pay our bill).  All that said, I am so glad to be connected again!

I am almost finished piecing my Farm Cross quilt.  It has come along quite nicely.


While we are on a farm theme, lookie who visited the backyard yesterday?  We are city folks, if you get what I mean.  The deer came by before Miss Baby woke up.  She was content just looking at the pictures when I told her about the deer after she woke up.  She couldn’t wait to share the news… as I was saying, we are city folks.


Now that I have said hi to you, I have to get back to answering some business emails that came in while I was offline.  Happy Monday, and Happy Week to you all!  Thanks for stopping by.


15 thoughts on “Farm Crossing: Sneak Peek #1

  1. Happy Monday! What a beautiful fawn in the yard… And just in time for your farm crossing. The block is neat and as always your piecing is perfect! Thanks for sharing and welcome back to blog land …

  2. We’ve lived in the country for about a year and a half now, and we still get excited to see the deer in the yard, especially the babies. On the down side, they managed to eat every one of my hydrangeas, and just about anything else that we haven’t surrounded with wire to keep them out! Love the chickens in your farm block…don’t know why, but they look like happy chickens to me! (lol)

  3. That fabric is so cheerfully appealing and the block piecing/use of the white print sets it off so well. The deer population seems to be ‘invading’ human territory everywhere (especially if prime little munchies are present!). We are in the midst of a dangerously miserable heat wave so indoors is the spot I, and many who can, choose. Hugs…..SSAB

  4. It is amazing how many deer come into residential areas here. Always a delight to see them. I guess some people have trouble with them eating their foliage.

    You’re quilt is looking cute and farmish.

  5. I too am “city folk” but live on the edge of town where there are corn fields. Now and then there are deer roaming the area.

    This block is another teaser!!! Waiting anxiously for the completed project.

  6. That looks like a brand new little deer. I’m glad its mommy was close by. I am sorry that Miss Baby missed the big event.

    Being without internet is awful, isn’t it? I hope it got sorted out.

  7. I hadn’t even THOUGHT about “my” wildlife since I’ve been down here. You made me mentally shed a tear for my doe and her fawns. There was also a family of red/gray foxes that lived under the neighbor’s barn. I don’t see any of those creatures here in “town”! Thanks for sharing the photo. I was a follower of your blog before I moved in November, then was without internet for quite awhile. Glad you didn’t go anywhere during y absence!!

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