Farm-ish fabric preview & a little more…

Hello Friends,

I am switching gears from the urban sophistication of Urban Oasis to the folksy charm of these farm-ish fabrics!  Oh look, no gray! :o)


Speaking of “farm-ish”, Miss Baby has “adopted” a Belgian white chocolate lamb as her pet!  We ate the chocolate lamb with no problem, but she absolutely refused to let us eat the remaining white chocolate lamb because “it’s her pet”!  What am I to do?  Those were my chocolates to start with…


Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are well, and enjoying these last days of summer.


16 thoughts on “Farm-ish fabric preview & a little more…

  1. Those fabrics are darling and they would very popular, I am sure in the rural area I am from — a small town South Western Alberta, Canada. I love your story about your little miss. She sounds so delightful.

  2. Oh poor baby. That is just too funny she won’t eat the white chocolate. It wouldn’t last here. Love the new fabs too!

  3. I’m with miss Baby. Even seeing someone eating a chocolate bunny still makes me sad. :-) But lovely fabrics you are working with!

  4. Cute fabrics, think I will be on the lookout!! Such a dilemma……..sounds like the little white lamb is destined to become a classic, or maybe a cherished friend.

  5. I think you can squeeze some gray in there! Those little lambs are darling and I love the idea of keeping one as a pet. Does it live in the fridge?

  6. I LUV white chocolate! Always save mine as long as I can………sometimes don’t eat the white one until just before Halloweeen!

    Being from Dairyland I love the farm fabric as well!

  7. I love the colors in those fabrics! Those little lambs are almost too cute to eat. But I hope Miss Baby isn’t too disappointed when it gets melty or chips off — hopefully by then she will have moved on to a new pet love. Maybe a stuffed lamb?

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