Deb’s purple/aqua NOT TOO SQUARE

Hello Friends, I always love to brag about other people’s quilts.  Deb sent me her version of Not Too Square in cheerful purple/aqua/yellow!  Take a look at the beautiful quilt yourself… I absolutely love the large floral print in the outer border!


Thank you for sharing your work with us, Deb!  And that wraps up another week at Ivory Spring.  I am off to finish quilting a large quilt.  Have a lovely weekend.


Click here for information on the original Not Too Square, as well as how to download the free pattern instructions for the quilt.

Design 2c

Click here for Pam’s “squared up” Not Too Square.

Click here if you wish to see more readers’ projects.


11 thoughts on “Deb’s purple/aqua NOT TOO SQUARE

  1. I know of a grand daughter who is still in love with that color combo and would treasure such a quilt. Hmmmmmm Maybe I had better go see what my stash would yield. Have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing this latest project! Hugs…..SSAB

  2. Thanks for sharing both quilts. Being the “vibrant” person I am ;) my eye was immediately drawn to the dark purples/turquoise/yellow combination. lol But they are equally beautiful! It’s so interesting to see how other quilters use the patterns with their favorite fabrics

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