Windowpane Bishop: Smocking Finished

Hello Friends,  I love stitching before the sun comes up in the morning.  I  enjoy the quietness.  I finished smocking Miss Baby’s windowpane bishop this morning at about 5am.


I am really loving the scalloped “windowpanes.”  In case you are wondering, the smocking plate I used and modified is called “Windowpane Bishop” by The Children’s Corner, Inc.


I have a rather special purpose for this bishop.  I will share with you once everything falls in place.

Thanks for stopping by.  I have got to get a few things done before mid-week is upon us.

Hugs to you all!

28 thoughts on “Windowpane Bishop: Smocking Finished

  1. That is absolutely beautiful. You must have the patience of a Saint. I hope you are going to keep all these lovely dresses so your daughter can appreciate them when she is older. Or will the lovely fabrics end up in quilts?

  2. Beautiful! I was looking forward to seeing the completed smocking–now awaiting the completed piece. It is always a treat to see your handwork.

  3. Beautiful Wendy! I smocked a few tops when my daughter was little and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also knitted a dress for her with mock smocking on the bodice. She grew out of it too too fast. Time flies as we all know!

  4. Lovely smocking. I have never tried getting up before the sun to sew! The days here are already getting shorter…..sunset 7:59 :(

  5. Looks great Wendy! I have always loved the look of smocking, but it looks like it takes soooooo much time LOL, and like you have LOADS of time, right?! Hugs!

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