Flight of the Bumblebee: Final Peek

Hello Friends,  I hope you have enjoyed your Saturday.  This is supposed to be my Friday post, but time just got away from me!  We at Ivory Spring household have been doing all things “getting ready for school”.  I even officially signed myself up as a soccer Mom.

Anyway, I did manage to get Flight of the Bumblebee finished!   This quilt is quite different from my usual look.  The best way I can describe it for now is it hearkens back to my Engineering days.  I sort of explored the possibilities of “playful feathers” with this quilt… so far, I think I will need to play a little more before I have anything definitive to share with you.

IMG_5396I hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Meanwhile, I need to track down where to purchase a “white Pentel eraser”.  I kid you not, ha!!  Thanks for stopping by.  Hugs to you all.

p.s.  Oh, please share any soccer Mom advice you might have for me!

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13 thoughts on “Flight of the Bumblebee: Final Peek

  1. I like what I can see of this quilt. I love soccer! My advice is to stand on the sidelines and positively cheer the players on and don’t cuss at the referee. :)

  2. Love to see your work! You can get a Clic Eraser Grip Pentel white eraser. I use one all the time; I like writing with a pencil. Good luck with your school year!

  3. Oh my goodness, I remember my days as soccer mom!!! My son played select soccer, which meant that we traveled all over North and South Carolina every weekend to play against the best in each area. It was tremendous fun!!! My son is raising his own little soccer stars now :*)

  4. Love the quilting! For soccer…a wet hand towel (and plenty of water and Gatorade) in the ice chest is wonderful to cool your little soccer player off with on a hot day at the soccer field!

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  5. Love your quitls and your color sense. As for soccer mom … stay organized. If your team does half time or after game snacks, get the signup sheet out to the parents early. Bringing extra water bottles for the occaisional forgetful mom or extra thirsty referee (after the game) can go far in creating good will for the team. My kids have played, and refereed. If you want to go above and beyond, shutterfly offers free websites where parents can post pictures to share with the rest of the team. Schedules, announcements, snack signups can all be posted and reminders scheduled to go out via email.

  6. It seems like we just celebrated the first day of Summer and now it is time to think about back to school. When I was at the Mall this week I saw all things Fall and some Christmas on display!

    Miss Baby is growing up so fast! Now that she is going to be in school I think you will have even more interesting tales to tell!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. How can Miss Baby be old enough for soccer already? You will be spending a lot of time in your car going back and forth. Always keep a good hand stitching project ready to go for the waits at practices. Bring extra ice packs in case of injuries too!!!

    Your quilting looks wonderful. It’s almost as though you can visualize the flight of the bumblebee.

  8. My kids didn’t play soccer, but they did play baseball and basketball. It’s a busy time, whatever the sport. I can remember pondering over school supply lists, wondering why some were too specific and some not specific enough. :-)

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