Flight of the Bumblebee: Sneak Peek #2

Hello Friends,  I hope you are doing well.  I am about finished with Flight of the Bumblebee.  I have got to show you the backing fabric I am using for the quilt — it is one of the prettiest I have EVER used for the back of a quilt!


So, how important are backing fabrics to you?  Do you spend a lot of time looking for just the right fabric to go on the back of your quilts, or you generally use what is available in your stash that would do the job just fine?  Just curious… :)

Thanks for stopping by.  Blessings to you all!

22 thoughts on “Flight of the Bumblebee: Sneak Peek #2

  1. I like using wide backing fabrics. I have some that the colors work with the top, and others are either just cream or white, so they go with the background colors. Either way, after I piece a top, I seldom want to piece a back, too. I want to get to quilting!! Occasionally I’ll buy a coordinating print to use, but it really depends on the group, the price, and the amount of yardage.

  2. I spend lots of time looking for something “just right” and I usually end up piecing the backing to make it interesting. Funny thing, a piece of fabric or two from my stash usually end up in the backing anyway. Guess they just don’t want to feel left out!

  3. If it’s a special quilt to be given as a gift, I will look for just the right backing. I do try to find something that has something to do with the quilt, but have been known to use a muslin backing.

  4. I think backings are important, but that’s because I mostly make baby quilts and bed quilts. You always see the backing fabric when a quilt is used like that, but for a wall quilt it wouldn’t matter as much. Lately I’ve really been admiring the cavalier look of a quilt with an almost randomly pieced backing, but I’m scared to try it due to my previously mentioned difficulties avoiding pleats in regular old backings!

  5. The last two quilts I made I have bought the backing fabric at the same time as the top. (It was from the same line of fabric) 1) it was on sale, 2) it almost makes the quilt reversible 3) I don’t have to think about going from shop to shop when the weather is bad in winter 4) it is less likely to end up being a UFO if everything is there.

  6. I make QAYG quilts and I am very careful when I choose backing fabrics. Sometimes I use the same for all blocks sometimes I use different ones and create a reversible quilt. I agree with Rebecca that the back is just as important as the front. For wall quilts I always use a plain fabric.

  7. Most of my customers buy wide backing fabrics, some love to make pieced backings, some go to much trouble. I love pieced scrappy backings, using abandoned blocks etc.

  8. What I use on the back depends on the quilt. If it is an ugly fabric from a challenge, it goes on the back after I have used it on the front. Bed quilts get special backings to enhance the front. Wallhangings get leftover fabric or just muslin. Muslin is much easier to hand quilt thru for wall quilts. If it is a judged piece, I really think about the backing and make it interesting. I like to buy the EOB on sale for backings, too.

  9. I am definitely in the “gotta find the perfect backing” category. It has to be pretty, jive with the front fabrics, work with the quilting thread color And also be consistent with my choice of binding. That is a tall order some days! Love how your quilt is coming along… Just beautiful Wendy!

  10. That looks lovely, Wendy! I search and search for just the right fabric [or vintage sheet] for the backs of my projects – my days of making do with plain white muslin are over, lol!

  11. I love that fabric. I use what I have in my stash since I have tons, but it has to go colour wise with the front. Some quilts I love a plain back to enjoy seeing the quilting. Bunny

  12. Gorgeous photo!! I think all the comments could be my thoughts at one time or another! The other consideration is the color(s) of the quilting thread I want to use. Thread tension is not a problem for me but it is nice to know that if stitches aren’t perfectly balanced (and I’m using a different colored top thread) it won’t detract from the appearance on the back. A beautiful weekend ahead but first a bit of quilting on the red/white quilt currently in process. Hugs…..SSAB

  13. Backings are very important to me and I spent a considerable amount of time finding material to coordinate with the front. Sometime I will utilize leftovers and piece the back. Recently helped an older neighbor find material and she was amazed when I suggested backing and she loves it. She said this was the first quilt she made that she did not use white or cream on the back. “This is so pretty it could be reversible” is how she put it when I was teaching her how to do 1/4″ binding.

  14. Wow! What a gorgeous backing fabric!!! I love using special fabrics on the back, which gives me the sense of having two quilts, one of them wholecloth! I have friends who just use whatever they have on hand that fits, but I’ve never been able to do that. I’ll often just use muslin backing on a small wall quilt – the back is not supposed to be seen after all. But for a lap or bed quilt, I always try to make the back as pretty as the front.

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever used muslin for a backing. Finding the perfect backing is just as much fun for me! I have several bolts of wide backing in my stash, and once in a great while, I have just the right one…that’s always a serendipitous find!

  16. I think we all have our own preferences about our backings. I try to incorporate the backing fabric in the front of the quilt, too, to give continuity to the two sides unless I really want a two sided quilt that are not connected except by a common binding. I am very particular about my backing and usually buy my backing at the time I buy my quilt fabric.

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