Christmas Cheer in QUILTER’S WORLD (Autumn 2013)

Hello Friends, it’s lovely to have you visit again!  Today, I am sharing with you my “Christmas Cheer” table runner that is featured in the Autumn 2013 issue of Quilter’s World.

Claridge Manor High Res

This “inspired by old ceiling tiles” table runner uses template piecing method in its construction.  If you have never tried template piecing, this is a small enough project for you to attempt the technique.

2199836530_22A_Christmas[image source: Quilter’s World]

The fabrics I used are from RJR Fabrics’ Claridage Manor collection.  Click here to view the entire fabric range. The fabrics are presently current.  Look for them at your local quilt shops.  Alternatively, you should be able to locate them online at



I pieced and quilted this table runner with Aurifil Mako 50 cotton thread.  I share with you often I use Aurifl Mako 50 cotton threads to quilt my quilt, but I actually also use the same threads to piece and applique 98% of my quilts.  The batting I used is Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting.


The quilting is a mixture of straight line quilting, pebbles, and feathers.


This table runner is one of three Claridge Manor projects I have featured in various magazines.  So, stay tuned for more Claridge Manor projects to appear.  Here are a couple more photos of the table runner…



Now, nosy mind wants to know if you fancy looking at old ceiling tiles too when you are out and about.

Thanks for stopping by.  I always enjoy reading about what you think – let me take this opportunity to thank you again for your comments.   And I am glad I squeezed in all my “Christmas in July” posts before July ends.  I find it hard to believe July is just about over….

p.s.  My workload is still crazy, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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19 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer in QUILTER’S WORLD (Autumn 2013)

  1. I have been “drooling” over that fabric line for a while now. It is even more beautiful “in person”!!! That table runner looks like a string of jewels, so perfect for the upcoming season. The candlelight glow of the yellow gold with the ruby reds bring to mind a gorgeous chandelier glistening in the evening light. (Can you tell how much I really like this one????) Hugs, SSAB

  2. Lovely!! I look at ceiling and floor tiles. I’ve been lucky enough to see many old buildings with great tin ceilings! It’s always so interesting to hear how you get your inspiration. Thanks!

  3. I love everything about this table runner. Fabrics are beautiful. It is definitely a winner. Seems as though I check out ceiling tiles, floor tiles, carpeting, even upholstery. It is amazing the patterns that can be found everywhere.

  4. OH Lovely! I am so far behind in my quilting a dare not take on another project. I thought I was done w a donor quilt, but decied it needed another row…. I purchased some of the tuscany silk for a quilt I haven’t been working on in a few yrs! (OMG YES) how does it quilt, is it hot at night, heavy? it seems light.

  5. Wendy, your work is always by far the most creative and beautiful that I’ve seen!! Yes, I look at ceiling tiles when in an old building. :-))

  6. Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. It seems impossible that we are already thinking Christmas. I live in California’s San Joaquin Valley and it is a balmy 98 degrees today-down from triple digits!

  7. This is lovely, Wendy. You always know how to use these fabric collections to best advantage. Pebbles and feathers are things I’ve been working on lately for FMQ, so it’s fun to see just those two designs used so effectively on this piece. As for the Aurifil… I switched to piecing with Aurifil fairly recently after recommendations from NUMEROUS quilting authors, Bernina educators, and blogging quilters such as yourself, and I’m really loving it… But just read in Harriet Hargrave’s Academy of Quiltmaking Book One that it’s a terrible thread for piecing, not strong enough to hold a seam over time, and you should only use 50/3 cotton or 60/3 Prescencia thread for piecing unless you want your quilt to fall apart before your very eyes… I don’t see how there would be much difference between the strength of a 50/2 versus a 60/3 thread, do you? And I don’t feel like there is any stress on piecing seams at all once a quilt is properly (heavily) quilted. I know that there are as many different ways to do things as there are quilters out there, but it’s frustrating to get completely contradictory advice like this.

  8. Saw your beautiful work in the magazine too. Discovered that a lot of ladies in my quilting group know your work and the compliments…oh my!

  9. The runner is beautiful Wendy…. And “yes” I look at the ceilings, floors, scrollwork, doors…. Architecture in general for inspiration. My friend and I recently used a design on a piece of silverware for inspiration!

  10. Wendy, I think your work is fantastic, you are the only blog that I still subscribe to, and I look forward to it every Monday. Regarding usng back material, I try to match at least the colors. I also made several a backs with in the middle one of the front quilt design, or use different fabrics left over from the quilt and make a backing piece out of it. It is a great way to using your statsh, or big pieces of the left over project pieces. I hope this makes sense.

  11. Wow…I love it Wendy….my patchwork is so amateurish ….. have never had the nerve to try something like template piecing yet!!! Will have to see if I can find the Hobbs Silk Batting….I need something like that to use as a patchwork table cloth…. there are no shops where I live in the South Pacific, so perhaps I can suss this out when next I visit Canada or the USA. Thanks for sharing..xx

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