Announcing the winner for…

caption contest!


Thanks so much to those who participated.  It was great fun, and your captions were all great!  I do seriously wish I had a spool of thread to give to all of you who posted your captions.   But I don’t…

Please note that the winner is picked subjectively… I declare Emma’s “What shade of Aurifil are you? Me, I’m 4655” to be the winning caption. [Emma, please send me your address so that I can get a spool of thread mailed to you!]

This is what Aurifil 4655 looks like in real life. Emma was spot on matching the thread color to the feather color of the bird on the right.


Meanwhile, do check out the other colors Aurifil offers for their threads here.

That wraps up our week at Ivory Spring!  I shall catch up with you next week.  Have a great weekend, Dear Friends!

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9 thoughts on “Announcing the winner for…

  1. Oooh! I’ve been having such trouble with blog readers recently I let my blog reading slip and am only just catching up! Am I too late to claim my spool? I’ll send you my email in case I’m not… Thank you so much for picking me!

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