Lime and Pepper: Final Sneak Peek

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I managed to finish up Lime and Pepper over the weekend, and am happy to report it is on its way to the editor.


Sorry I am not showing you much at all – but I will once it is official!  Come back this week, I have more fun fabric preview(s) for you!  And come back tomorrow for my “All Hens on Deck” post! :)  Thanks for stopping by.  Love you all!

10 thoughts on “Lime and Pepper: Final Sneak Peek

  1. Am I seeing quilting that has a “modern” look to it, to go with the fabrics??!! Can’t wait to see it in its’ entirety!! Don’t recall that I’ve seen that look from you!! For me, making something REALLY modern would be stepping outside my box…something I’m trying to do more of in my quilting…so lead the way Wendy!!

  2. I like the colors–makes me want to make Limeade. I do not know how you do all of this over a weekend. You have more energy than our Roadrunners we have in NM. Have a great week and take time to enjoy the roses.

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