As you were sayin’… & contest!

As I was sayin’…. things are quite hectic at my end right now.  So I will be pretty scarce this week – just so you know.  My blog will be updated to the best of my ability in order for me keep in touch that way, but I probably won’t visit / write you back till sometime next week.

6_29_2013Aviary12Contest:  Caption the photo shown above between now and 7/4/2013.  What could the birdies be talking about, I wonder?  The person with the best caption wins a spool of Aurifil Mako 50 thread.  I will have something else for you if you aren’t a quilter.

Have a great week, dear Friends!

70 thoughts on “As you were sayin’… & contest!

  1. There is a sale at the Pretty Parrot Quilt Shop? Let’s fly in and see if there is something we need!

  2. First Bird: I just found out that if we put a color catcher in the wash we won’t end up with all these blotchy colours on our feathers.
    Second Bird: Really! Now you tell me!

  3. Well, do you believe she left and went on vacation? What does she expect us to do? Do you think she is working on a quilt or just sitting at the beach? I can’t believe this? Can you? Can you?

  4. I think she is going to clean out her quilt room this week. Hope she leaves us lots of nesting material from her stash.

  5. As I was saying Mildred, you just won’t believe what these fabric companies are producing lately! They are finally designing bird fabric! It’s called Birdwatcher and Lovebirds. For goodness sakes, the owls and the roosters have certainly had their share of the limelight!!

  6. “I just heard a quilter say she likes to put feathers on her quilts so spread the word to the other birds to beware of quilters!”

  7. “Have seen the latest Tweet!?!” Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! Happy sewing/quilting!! I know I’m havin’ a ‘blast’!!! (Again, sorry, it’s a July 4th thing!! LOL!) Uber hugs, SSAB

  8. Are you going to Bernina Club this week?? They are presenting something about feathers so we might want to be there!!

  9. Bird on right: “And then she said I cut off all of my points when I put my border on!”
    Bird on left: “She didn’t! Who does she think she is, the quilt police?”

  10. No!! Don’t you dare go poo on the quilt hanging to dry on the clothesline! If you do, I am telling mom!

  11. “And I purchased some red, white and blue multi colored Aurifil Mako 50 wt thread to go with my stars and strips quilt I am making!”

  12. I know exactly what those birds are saying. The boy bird on the right is saying, “I can’t believe you spent TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS on embroidery scissors!” And the speechless little birdie on the left, whose eyes are all round and panicky, is thinking “Damn! I meant to hide that invoice! At least he didn’t find the fabric I smuggled in this afternoon and hid in the dryer…”

  13. Bird 1: “Hey, did you hear my brother jumped out of a moving airplane with a piece of fabric strapped to his back?”
    Bird 2: “No! Why’d he do that?”
    Bird 1: “Because he thought it’d make him a real PARA-Keet!”

  14. “I bet you’re invisible while flying, you look just like a cloud in the sky!”

  15. It’s about time they had some birds in their fabric collections…all those owls !! Really!! It just ruffles my feathers!!

  16. Did you hear what she said? She learned how to do that quilting by taking a class from Wendy?
    No-o-o-o, really?

  17. “I am telling you if we were kangaroos we would have it made. We could hide so much fabric in those pouches and our husbands would never know.”

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