Through the lens of…

… a four year old’s camera.  I had shown you recently a picture of Miss Baby snapping pictures with her camera.


I finally had a few moments to sort through the images downloaded from Miss Baby’s Crayola Camera (This camera actually works, albeit with limited resolution – click here for more details).  These are the art-sier presentable shots from her recent picture set.



No — your eyes aren’t out of focus as you scroll through the pictures.  Miss Baby hasn’t mastered the art of holding the camera still while snapping the shots.


I am pretty sure she didn’t ask this couple’s permission before snapping their picture. :)  I am not quite sure what compelled her to take the picture.


And this is the “professional head shot” my daughter took of me, with part of my head cut off!  I intend to send this to any editors asking for an updated head shot of me, ha!


Lightheartedness aside, my little one is growing up way too fast.  When asked not to grow up so fast, she informed me with all seriousness and sincerity she didn’t have time to stop growing… and this week, we received this in the mail.

IMG_5229Can you tell I am entering a new phase of motherhood?  It’s all good and fine except I am not quite ready…

Thanks for stopping by!  Some of you had asked about Miss Baby, and I hope you have enjoyed the little update on her. 

Come back tomorrow for another magazine featured project!!  Till tomorrow!


19 thoughts on “Through the lens of…

  1. She is doing a good job. She will get better. My 6 yr old g/dau loves my digital camera. Takes pics of everything, even pots of silk flowers outside.

  2. Those pictures are just fun! Love the flowers and the fountain. She’s taking pictures of things she likes, which is great. Thanks so much for sharing! Made me smile.

  3. A budding photographer in your family……..maybe she will become your quilt photographer. Enjoy these years with Miss Baby, time whizzes by way too quickly!!!

  4. I always enjoy the updates about Miss Baby! Looks like you have a budding photographer. Is this kindergarten she’s going into? Wow! Children have a way of growing up so fast. I have a 6 year old great niece who starts 1st grade in September. It was just yesterday I was bragging about her birth. What cha gonna do? Enjoy and take lots of pictures.

  5. So sweet! She’s doing great with her photography, for a 4-year-old. She has a keen eye for composition. In a few short years, she’ll be in the high school photography club and then you’ll REALLY wonder where the years went!

  6. Well a future great photographer of America has to start somewhwere! And just like with quilting there are no mistakes only design decisions, so those pictures aren’t blurry, they’re in the “Impressionist” style!

  7. What fun!! I am just amazed at how far kid’s “toys” have come. These pictures are impressive! Next she will be taking pictures of your quilts!!!

  8. Precious child, cute cute dress and what memories you both are making. She will be a great photographer. Been off FB for sometime but back on and trying to catch up.

  9. Neat perspective! When my kids were little we gave them disposable cameras when we went camping. It was neat to see what they wanted to take pictures of. Two of them went on to be photographers for their high school yearbooks.

    I can remember feeling bereft when mine started school and specifically having to remind myself they weren’t going to Siberia. They grow up way too fast.

  10. wow, I’m sure it’s all happening too fast for you.
    She’s so cute . Doing a great job with the camera, love the trees and the couple walking down the path.

  11. Thanks for sharing Wendy. Miss Baby has quite an “eye” for a 4 year old :) and will master steadying the camera quickly. It’s a great way to encourage her creativity! I also loved the water and couple photos. It’s such a joy to see the two of you enjoying spending time together!

  12. I know you feel your not ready for Miss Baby to grow up but as she grows up and matures, you do as well, and you are always ready to meet the next stage of their lives. And if you have more than one, somehow the good Lord gives us the knowledge and strength to raise them all and watch them go through their stages and eventually be able to let them grow and go and be the person they want to be. Thanks for sharing — her photos are very good and she is very beautiful! Love ya, Jo-Anne

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