Can you relate…?

… I am sure you can!  A sweet bloggy friend Ellen sent me the following photo:


The sign states the symptoms: Continual desire for snuggling under a handmade quilt.  Patient often has blank expression and is sometimes deaf to spouse or kids.  May interfere with regular meal preparation or household tasks. Patient has no taste for electric blankets or bedspreads.  May wander off at Quilting Bees.  Known to mumble to self about Log Cabins, Double Wedding Rings and Roses from Ohio.

After the very comforting prognosis of “No Known Cure”, the sign proceeds to state “Temporary treatment: Medication is useless as the disease is uncurable, although not fatal.  Victim should attend as many Quilting Shops, Bees (group therapy) and Shows as possible to alleviate symptoms.”

Please tell me you can relate!!! :)


Ellen is one of the contributing authors on Mennonite Girls Can Cook, and these ladies really can cook!!!  Click on the links to find out more about Ellen and the Mennonite Girls if you haven’t already known about this sweet lady, and her cooking friends.


15 thoughts on “Can you relate…?

  1. Oh Wow!!! I can relate!! My husband and I just got home from a ten-day driving trip from SoCal to the Palouse in WA (NE Washington). It was meant to be a photography trip, taking three days travel each way. We stopped at four quilt shops on our way there, then two in Spokane WA, and one on the way home. In addition, there were a couple that were closed. I know that I am afflicted with the dreaded POX!! PS. we did get some magnificent photographs.

  2. Oh, I definitely relate to this illness. i am in the midst of cleaning up my sewing room and found several copies of this ailment. I will post one in my room and share with my quilting buddies. Very timely post!

  3. Well, I do honestly have a problem with fabric, and starting many projects.
    Yesterday I was stuck in the house all day because we has rain and humidity/
    I was working on 5 sewing projects…. and bought more fabric on line

    Yes, I do have a “problem” AND I have become a fabric snob
    I apologise to my hubbs all the time about it… but he says “it is cheaper than therapy” and I used to do ice dancing and figure skating. That was super fun but dancing with men can get clumsy

  4. Would love to post this in my sewing room? Can this photo be saved and enlarged so that I could do that? If not where would I get a copy that could be enlarged and posted?


  5. Last night I was at my sewing meeting and we were talking about stashes. Some of the ladies in this group have had the quilt pox for more than 20 years!!!

  6. So true!! Tom can spot a quilt shop before I can!! Our trips follow a similar track. He even went so far as to check into winter/snowbird RV parks (in TX) that had quilting groups on site (also, fishing!). My kind of guy!!!! LOL! I, also, follow the Mennonite Girls Can Cook site. Great recipes featuring real food for real people!!

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