Geraldene’s Tango!

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well.  You might recall from earlier this year my Tango quilt made cover of Quilt Trends‘ Winter 2013 issue.



Earlier this week, I was “over the moon” excited when Geraldene sent me a picture of her Tango quilt, upsized to a King from my original throw size design.   WOW!  What an accomplishment!  I have never made a King size quilt – the thought of making a quilt that size is quite daunting to me.  So, kudos to Geraldene for attempting such an enormously impressive project, after having to rework the calculations to transition the design from throw to king size!


This is what Geraldene wrote of Tango: “I decided to make this as soon as I saw it in the magazine. It is breathtaking.  After finding the fabrics, I just needed to figure out how to size it for a king size.  So I played around till I got it to work out. Thank you for designing such a beautiful quilt and fabric. I plan on making another one as well.”

Congrats to Geraldene, and thanks for sharing your work with us and making my week.   Seeing quilts made from my designs definitely make those long nights worthwhile!!!  Speaking of long nights, I will be working late tonight…

Meanwhile, have a lovely weekend, Dear Friends!  I shall catch up with you next week.


12 thoughts on “Geraldene’s Tango!

  1. Wow. Geraldine is amazing. Her quilt turned out beautiful.
    Your blog is wonderful because you are such an inspiration, Wendy!

  2. Beautiful

    any chance that the new sizes / requirements etc could be shared with us novices


  3. Wow! that is awesome one! Making a King/Queen size quilt and home sewing machine is daunting to me too. I love FMQ, but yet to finish my almost Queen size quilt from last year!

    Yay to Geraldene finishing up the King size quilt!

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