Glimpses from Market…Lynette Anderson’s Wildflower Wood

I managed to meet all my deadlines for 2013 Spring Quilt Market that happened a few weeks ago.  Due to my family commitment (i.e. Miss Baby), I have yet to attend Market.  So while Market was going on, I tried to catch peeks and glimpses of various booths to see if any of my designs/samples showed up in pictures circulated on the worldwide web.

Today I am sharing with you glimpses of Wildflower Wood quilts I had spotted from Lynette Anderson’s blog.  First up is my Forest Floor design (a free downloadable pattern – click here for more information).

6a00d83455610269e201901c995594970b-400wi[image source:  Lynette Anderson Designs]

Design 2db high res_with binding_600dpi

And then, I also spotted Woodland Secrets (top right).  Click here for more information on this fun and absolutely adorable BOM project offered by Lynette Anderson.

6a00d83455610269e20192aa57cc1a970d-400wi[image source:  Lynette Anderson Designs]

Woodland Secrets web

It was definitely gratifying seeing those samples actually appeared at Market.  Stay tuned for more sightings I will be sharing on my blog.  I am waiting to share the other “sightings” to coincide with when I can share with you the respective free patterns.

Thanks for stopping by!  Love you all!

p.s.  Wildflower Wood is available for purchase from Fat Quarter Shop – click here to view the offerings.


9 thoughts on “Glimpses from Market…Lynette Anderson’s Wildflower Wood

  1. When I ‘click’ to download the Florest Floor free pattern, I get ‘link not available’.  Is something wrong with the link in this email?




  2. Oops! This link appears to be broken.




  3. How great to see your work being shared and enjoyed by so many…maybe next year you can be there in person…I know all quilters would love to meet the artist behind all the beautiful quilts you have created and inspired others to make!

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