Fabric Preview: Island Batik’s upcoming collections!

Hello Friends,

We had some glorious sunshine the last couple of days!  Miss Baby and I were out snapping pictures.  That’s actually a working camera — I will show you soon the scenes captured through the camera lens of a four year old! :)


Meanwhile, I got in these scrumptious fabrics that make me feel REALLY grown up after working with Riley Blake fabrics in my last quilt.  These fabrics are a selection from Island Batik’s Sunken Pool, Outer Space, and Lake Life collections!  What do you think of them?


So, are batiks part of fabric staples?  I have to admit I haven’t worked with them a lot, but am definitely starting to REALLY fall in love with them!  I plan to use more batiks in my own quilts, as well as in my future designs.

Thank you for stopping by!  Hugs to you all!


19 thoughts on “Fabric Preview: Island Batik’s upcoming collections!

  1. Batiks are definitely fabric staples. It took me a few years to start buying them when I first started quilting because they were so expensive, but now can’t do without them. They are wonderful for raw edge applique, which I love doing, because they barely fray. Miss Baby is a picture herself. Gail

  2. I have put a few batiks in some of my quilts but I do take care when I work with them. The thread count, generally, is higher than the other fabrics and takes stitching a bit differently. Along with solids, I am sliding in to that fabric category very slowly! LOL!

  3. Those are yummie batiks and look like some I’m quilting right now. My sister bought them in Hawaii and my job was to quilt them… “Poor me.” Pam

  4. Miss Baby is beautiful as always. Batiks have be ome very much a staple in my collection. I actually have been on a batik kick and have mostly been quilting with them. They are so very yummy!!!!

  5. Did you sew Miss Baby’s dress? Whether you did or not, it’s gorgeous, though not as gorgeous as she herself is. As far as batiks go, I love them and use them frequently. Just beware, when they are quilted, they won’t “puff” as much as plain woven cottons, probably because they are more tightly woven.

  6. Miss Baby’s dress is adorable!
    Batiks? Love ’em! Love the wonderful colours, how fabulously they press, how wonderful they are mixed in with regular quilting cotton – I love everything about them!! I’m making a sunflower quilt with each sunflower made from a different batik.

  7. I went nearly 3 years into my quilting journey before I became interested in batiks…hmmmm….did I say interested?? I believe the word that now applies is obsessed!! I am particularly enamored of ones that have lots of dots in them; and the batik pre-cuts are scrumptious. I have been collecting several jelly rolls, charm packs, etc. for the past 2 years ~ and I actually opened up and used one last month!! (GASP!!) It’s a slippery slope Wendy…I highly recommend taking the plunge!

  8. Absolutely LOVE batiks! Especially for applique. they add depth in coloration and pattern. I’ve just started my 4th bin of them. such fun to collect. I also made 2 of the most gorgeous “Rocky Road to Kansas” block quilts with pearle cotton feather stitch embroidery covering the batik string piecing. Used batiks for the background, too. However, hand quilting is harder on a batik background, so used the big stitch with the same pearle cotton Instead of the standard quilting thread.
    And just tell me Wendy, Curious Mind wants to know…when do you actually have time to make your own quilts?! I so wish I had a quarter of your energy!!
    You Go Girl!!

  9. I have only a few batiks in my “collection” (aka…stash). However, as more and more ladies in my sewing group are making quilts with them I am liking them more.

    Can’t wait to see Miss Baby’s photography!!

  10. I love the color intensity and variation in batiks, but they are a bit ‘stiff’ so seem to be most effective in a wall hanging or table runner. Miss Baby is adorable!

  11. Wendy, your little girl is so precious. She reminds me so much of my five year old grandson, so precocious! I hope you have time to spend time with her, you spend so much time with us, which I really appreciate. The batiks are beautiful. I did make gifts for my daughters for Christmas with batiks because I had quite a few from my Annie’s batik club. Hugs to you as well!

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