Riley Blake Unite: Final Sneak Peek

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  I finished my Riley Blake Unite quilt over the weekend, and was able to ship it off today.  Here is a peek for you.


This quilt will be officially featured later this year in a magazine – meanwhile, you can gather up all your Riley Blake fabric scraps, or anything bright, cheerful and whimsical to get ready to make this quilt!  It is a fun one.  Notice the blue and orange I used in the quilt.   Curious mind wants to know what you think of using blue and orange together.


Gotta run again.  I am still battling deadlines – that’s the reason you haven’t heard from me if you have written me personal emails.  Hugs to you all!


20 thoughts on “Riley Blake Unite: Final Sneak Peek

  1. I really like blue and orange together. Am looking forward to seeing the featured quilt. It looks very cheerful.

  2. Very cheery! I’m not a big fan of orange in general – even though I landed right in the middle of U of Tenn. fandom and there is orange everywhere on game day. :-) But that quilt is cute.

  3. I learn so much from your color choices and executions. I get brave when others try color combo I’d be afraid to try. Now I know blue and orange look great! Karen

  4. Orange and Blue are opposites on the color wheel and of course they go together, and I love ’em… Hatted orange all my life until a few years ago, now it’s my favorite color.. Guess that’s what happens in old age… LOL

  5. That is really, really cute, Wendy! Love it.

    I am without computer access and am at Barnes and Noble. Lots of craziness going on right now. Just wanted to drop by and give you a cyber hug.



  6. One of my favorite outfits when I was in first grade was blue and orange! The bright colors in your quilt just ooze fun.

  7. Love the little people and the mushrooms in this blue fabric. You know what I have discovered? When I go to the grocery store and look at packaging such as cereal there are some very odd color combinations……but they work! They draw the eye. I think the blue and orange combination are sort of the same.

    Thanks for another great quilt!

  8. The colours are so refreshing. And as always your quilting is always perfect. I want to be as good as you.

    Wendy, my financial situation has improved, thank you for your prayers.

  9. blue and orange are complimentary colors. Yours go so well together because they are both in bright hues and paired with that crisp white. Loved the look and looking forward to seeing the whole quilt. you always just tickle us with these sneak peaks!

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