Chooky Sweetness!

Hello Friends, I am loving your comments left on my post on the chicken fabrics!  My dear and sweet friend Rhonda wrote and shared with me the following pictures of her chooky family…



I have known Rhonda for years through Rogers Sewing Center.  If you live in the area and have yet to drop by to chat with Rhonda, you NEED to!  Incidentally, Rhonda is also the one who made Miss Baby’s dedication gown.  Click here to see more pictures of the gown.

Now back to the chooks — some of you wrote and mentioned rooster/hen quilt patterns.  I found a few that might interest you:

1.  Rooster by Annette Truong:

2.  Spotty Rooster by Rachel Pellman:

3.  Chicken Coop by Rachel Pellman:

4.  Spotty Hen by Rachel Pellman:

5.  Sunrise, Rooster, A Country Journey, Garden Party by Maggie Walker:

6.  Redwork Rooster:

This list is by no means exhaustive.  Please feel free to add any rooster/hen patterns you know!

Thanks for stopping by!  I bid you a lovely Memorial Day Weekend.

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15 thoughts on “Chooky Sweetness!

  1. Thank you for putting a giant smile on my face. I just loved the photos of those beautiful chickens and Miss Baby’s christening gown is absolutely breath-taking. BTW, I have a couple of Christmas kits from Rachel P. that I have yet to put together. I only wish I had time to do them ALL! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

  2. Back in late 60’s my mother was just beginning to get interested in crafts. McCalls magazing put out a pattern for a rooster, it was to scale so my father draw a pattern for my mother, with the enlarged pattern the rooster was about twelve inches tall. She took typing paper carbon( anyone remember what that was!!!) and traced the rooster to burlap, Then with Elmers glue, she started gluing colored popcorn, dried black eyed peas, green lentils, black beans and any else she could find to fill in the rooster. After it was all finished, she used some kind of varnish over the whole thing. And my father framed it. It hung on the living room wall of our lake house for many years. My mother passed away almost 2-1/2 years ago. In Feb of this year I came across the rooster pattern she had used, on the internet! Someone posted the pattern, I tried to go back to McCalls to ask if they knew when the pattern might have been published but no one could find a record of it. And I didn’t what the exact year was so I really didn’t expect much. But have decided to make another rooster from that same pattern, an appliqued quilt. I wish my mother could see it and we all could have a good laugh about how some things have a way of coming back around again. If you can wait long enough you’ll get to see it again! I know who taught me to love crafting so much. Thank you , Mom!

  3. This makes me giggle every time…..since birds, IE chickens, are an evolutionary off shoot of dinosaurs, if any one ever asks ” what did the dinosaurs taste like?” you can with utter confidence say …..”they taste like chicken”. he he….well I love to watch chickens forage, I used to watch my own chickens chase grasshoppers, hoppers were a perennial summer scourge. When they would go after a bug or two you could just see their inner velosoraptor at work.

  4. The heirloom christening ensemble is absolutely beyond words. I suspect that it is even more gorgeous in person!! What a treasure!!! Thanks also for the info regarding Rogers Sewing Center. Wish I were closer.

  5. Miss Baby’s dedication gown is spectacular… Thanks for the web sites of patterns… I’ve particularly enjoyed The Four Twin Sisters site and have down loaded bunches of free patterns… Will be mailing donations of fabric, etc. to them on Monday… Can’t wait to see your Chooks quilt when you get it made…

    Re. Chris… My mother had a rooster and hen made for her by a friend in the late 60’s also… Must have been the same pattern… Hers was put on two round pieces of wood and was VERY heavy… had corn, peas, all kind of beans, etc. on it… She keep them on her wall for years and finally a closer look at them revealed tiny holes and places eat up by some kind of bugs who appreciated them… Who knew bugs would eat thru all that varnish?! LOL They were finally thrown out when they moved from that house about 10 years ago… Gail Lee

  6. My Grandma raised chickens on her farm. Always remember she had a separate little purse in her purse for her “egg money”

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