In the company of …

… chickens!  As you can see, I will be spending the next few days in the company of some “fowl” friends!


Just look at that cream chicken wire fabric — I just love that fabric.  More details on my newest project and fabrics later!

I am curious though… are you a fan of chickens/roosters?  Do you have any chicken/rooster themed decorations in your house?

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to share with you another featured quilt and/or Thread Talk post before the week is over.


27 thoughts on “In the company of …

  1. My daughter-in-law works for Tyson chickens & has wonderful chicken “stuff” all around her house. Fun theme for fabrics!

  2. I don’t have any, but have seriously been thinking about doing an applique rooster. I’ve seen a few and would really love to do one in some bright, totally funky fabrics. Maybe BJ Designs has a rooster pattern…will have to look. I just love her animal patterns!

  3. Just visited my fave quilt shop in Belle Fourche, S.D., and spotted that chicken wire fabric on her shelf! Love it!!!! Really has more possibilities than the obvious theme!

  4. I love to paint lifelike ceramic chickens. I have a wood plaque in my kitchen, that say the hen rules the rooster-lol. I have been looking for those chickens in your picture. there are some larger ones too I want. I have some of the wire bg. colors. thanks for sharing daily.

  5. I love chickens and roosters but I don’t have any decorating the house because HE doesn’t like them. Oh well.

  6. Oops! I forgot to attach the pic! Yeesh…Im ready for bed. ;0) Thank you for your comments on my soap carvings. They were SO easy and fun to do. You should try them sometime with Gwen. Did you see my quilty post?

  7. Have a friend whose father raises chickens and keeps everyone in fresh eggs. Two summers ago he went out to mow and the mower flipped and caught his leg. I made him a quilt with chickens and eggs and he loved it! It was the perfect size covering his leg until he could get his prosthetic leg. He has done so well with his new leg and everyone admires his courage!! He is in his middle 70’s. Great family!!!

  8. Hi! I love your chicken themed fabric! I have all kinds of chicken knick knacks in my kitchen. We also hatch and hand-raise our chickens and they all have names and are spoiled rotten! But they reward us by laying twice a day! I just love them so much! Hope you enjoy your fabric, I know you will make something really sweet with it! God bless.

  9. I have a pair of ceramic hens that my brother and I gave to our mom when we were little. It was a Mother’s Day gift eons ago. I have a few other fun chickens gracing my home. However, my favorites are a collection of wooden Navajo chickens that I fondly refer to as “Braves.”

  10. Chickens? You bet I got chickens! My kitchen is decorated with the little critters. Flamingoes, too. So I’m gonna love what you do with these fabrics!

  11. When we moved in our house many years ago, we found a clear glass chicken dish, the kind where the chicken is sitting on a nest, so when you lift the chicken you have the nest for a dish. Well, as things go, my husband picked up a few more at a flea market in different colors. Then someone gave me some tiny ones in different colors. I also have been gifted with a glass rooster! I do like chickens and roosters.

  12. I love chickens! I raise them (easter eggers) and thanks to gifts from friends/family I have tons of chicken/rooster items in my kitchen! Not to mention the awesome, healthy, beautiful green eggs! This fabric is great, can’t wait to see what you create!

  13. I love chicken stuff! Have loved the chicken wire fabrics too ~ can’t wait to see what you’re making. You do such beautiful work, thanks for sharing with us your work, it inspires!!

  14. I LOVE chickens! I can’t count all I have but there are hundreds of all kinds. I have lots of fabric and people give me fabric and hens and roosters of all kinds. Next year I hope to raise the Silver Laced Wayondots {not sure about the spelling}.. Hubby doesn’t want to build me a coop but I’m hoping he will next year after he retires {again}. Can’t wait to see what you do with the fabric. I know it will be beautiful whatever it is, like everything you do.

  15. I not only have chickens and roosters in my yard, but also in my stash and all over my kitchen. Love those roosters.

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