Quilt Folding Contest!

Me thinks it’s time to have some of these students over as exchange students – in exchange for teaching me how to  fold all my quilts!! :)

article-2327471-19E2BDE5000005DC-710_634x399[image source:  Daily Mail, UK]

Click here to find out more.

Curious mind wants to know if you need tips folding your quilts.  I know I do – because mine are definitely not folded as neatly as shown in the photo.  Please also share your tips on quilt-folding if you have them.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to get out there and photographs more recently featured magazine quilts this week — but I heard from a friend it’s supposed to storm tomorrow and the day after.  We will see… but either way, I will lots more to share with you on my blog this week.  Hugs to you all!


11 thoughts on “Quilt Folding Contest!

  1. These students certainly do a better job folding a quilt than I do. My only tip is to periodically fold it differently to avoid permanent folds that are obvious when the quilt is laid flat. But their approach certainly looks like a neat way for you to fold when shipping your quilts.


  2. This is how my husband’s folded paint tarps always looked. His dad had a painting business and Dear worked with him for years. They had the folding of paint tarps down to a tee!

  3. About a year ago I think it was Ann Fahl who had a post on her blog about folding quilts diagonally rather than the way most of us actually fold them, this was to help eliminate the wrinkles and creases. Seems to work pretty well. I don’t have the link for her post at the moment.

  4. Interesting, folding on the diagonal. I will have to check that out. To address the fold lines inherent in folded quilts, I am hoping my new purchase of a Euro Steam Iron at a local quilt show will steam the fold lines right out of my quilts. Fingers crossed it does the job.

  5. I, too, fold my quilts on the diagonal. A while back Quilters Newsletter had an article on doing this and my quilts don’t get that “cross” in the middle. Also, I have heard that rolling quilts on a “noodle” that you use in the swimming pool works well.

  6. I, too, have begun folding my quilts diagonally. It does seem to stop the wrinkles. My other method is to make the first fold horizontal, rather than vertical. The idea is in a wall quilt, the weight of the quilt will pull out the crease. I read that tip years ago in Quilters Newsletter. I do think refolding quilts periodically is a good thing. One time, while visiting Lincoln, Nebraska, I stopped at the International Quilt Study Center, and was told that each quilt in their collection gets refolded once a year.

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