Jewels, Jewels: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,

Happy Monday to you!  You remember me talking about those 400 1″ finished squares that I was making for a new quilt?  Here is a sneak peek for you.


The squares are selected from these stacks of fabrics.  By the time the quilt is finished, I would have about 65 different fabrics incorporated in the quilt.


I am under the gun to get this quilt out the door — so that I can start on a new one, ha!  Come back tomorrow for a little trick I discovered in making those 4 x 4 matrices of 1″ squares nice and squared up, without a hint of wonkiness!  Later…

Do tell me what you are working on this week.


23 thoughts on “Jewels, Jewels: Sneak Peek

  1. I’m working on a BOM from 2 years ago thro my guild. It’s called “Towards Arkansas” & all the blocks have some sort of Ozark connotation. Look forward to hearing how to make 1″ 4 patch that’s not wonky!

  2. That should end up being quite a scrappy little jewel. I look forward to your tip tomorrow.

    It’s rainy and cool here today, so I’m not in the mood to do much of anything. Right now I’m concentrating on cutting my many left overs into strips and squares that I can use for another project down the line.

  3. Not doing mush this week having out of town relatives coming to visit SI I will be coking etc. well having a couple of glasses of wine too. LOL.

  4. After many hours of “drawing” feathers on paper, stalking your posts on feathers, and practising feathers, I see a small light at the end of the tunnel. Your tutorials are the best! Thanks once again. BTW I have a BSR but it seems to skip stitches a lot, has that ever happened to you? It’s so bad I won’t use it. Wonder if it can be fixed?

    • Kelly,

      I have a suggestion for your BSR problem. Try lowering your stittch length to 1.5 when you use the stitch regulator. Second suggestion is to look very closely at the bottom of the foot and make sure there is no lint or smudges.

      Hope this helps!!

  5. I can’t wait for the tip. I might have the patience once I know the trick to this. But as I look at this I see the word STRESS written all over the quilt for me. Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Ha ha ha….what I am working on. Lets see, I purged a BUNCH of my stash and I’m cutting them into 2 1/2 inch strips for a scrappy trip around, I’m working on a wall hanging called Sues Stars from Primitive Gatherings, I’m stitching a wall hanging for the Simply Charming sew along and I’m working on Scattered Stars that was on the cover of Quilt Sampler fall/winter 2011. Is that enough because there is more. I quilted a Schibble and it needs a sleeve and binding and I’m working on cutting 3 1/2 inch squares for a summer quilt. Whew, I think that’s it. Oh I’m a farmer and it’s spring so everything is going on and tomorrow it’s back to the field to pick rocks for me, always a favorite job. Not. So there are days I’m just too exhausted and I veg in front of the TV in the evening. Lol I do love your colorful jewel, it looks fun.

  7. What pretty fabrics – and they all play so well together! I’ve been redoing the sewing room and cleaning the carpets etc in there, so no sewing this week to speak of. Hoping to get back to it in a few days :*)

  8. I’m working on a quilt for my neighbor. We are exchanging our crafting endeavors. She is making me a custom floral arrangement, and I’m making her a quilt. She makes beautiful flowers from card stock. Plus it’s bee (x2) and guild week for me. Will finish up my week with a nerve test on my foot Friday, and a crawfish boil on Saturday! Love the fabrics in your little 1″ squares!

  9. Wendy, I love quilts with little bits. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks so much for stopping by the girlfriend gap and leaving a comment on my Chevron blocks :) . You blessed my day ! I have looked through some of your published patterns and marvel at your beautiful work. You are a new quilting friend to me and I look forward to following your quilting tales and seeing more of your creative talents. Janita

  10. This week’s project for me is a “plus” quilt that my quilting group is doing. We swapped 2 1/2 inch strips and I added 30 of my own. Can’t wait to see this new quilt!!!

  11. Wow — that’s a lot of work. Will be interested in how to avoid wonkiness, because that would be my biggest problem.

    Today’s my first free day to stop and think about how to spend the rest of the week. I don’t know yet, but I’m thinking on it. :-)

  12. O que é um monte de trabalho,adoro esses pequenos.Estou terminando uma toalha de mesa em ponto cruz que era para o Natal passado,mas tenho uns tecidos me esperando…Beijo.

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