Catching Up: Final Sneak Peek

Hello Friends — just so you know I am NOT anti-social.  I just have a lot going on this week trying to meet magazine and Spring Quilt Market deadlines.  Please know that I have really missed socializing with you.  Anyhow, here is a quick final sneak peek on my Catching Up quilt.  It is only called Catching Up temporarily until I can reveal the name of the fabric line in due time, along with information on the pattern.


I tried for the first time using the zig zag stitch in my quilting.  The jury is still out whether I am totally in love with the effect even though in my mind during the planning stage it would look spectacular!  But one thing is for sure, oftentimes I won’t know unless I actually physically stitched the stitches out.

Alrightie, dear Friends, with that I bid you good bye and go back to finishing up the 400 one-inch finished squares that are going into my current quilt.  Until tomorrow… when I will share with you another magazine featured project!

17 thoughts on “Catching Up: Final Sneak Peek

  1. I’m sure glad that you’re not always sure that it’s going to look good … now I feel better about my quilting. As always, thanks!

  2. I am liking those birds. My husband raises finches, so these have me intrigued. He may need a bird quilt. Can’t wait to get the info.

  3. Hmmm, I never thought of using the regular zigzag stitch for quilting. Is that what you did, or did you use the BSR zigzag option? I have considered using the built-in serpentine stitch with my walking foot for quilting, but always ended up going with something different. I’m curious to see how your zigzag quilting fits into this new quilt!

  4. Oh, this is going to be cute, Wendy!

    BTW, I have something on my blog I want you to show Miss Baby. I think she will enjoy it. I had to post it twice because I am having an issue with blogger not posting a comment form. I messed with my comments when I cut them off a couple of weeks ago, and now I am having to post, mess with the comments, and then post AGAIN. It is maddening. But, I think Miss Baby will enjoy what is on the blog. It’s my way of singing to her without being there. LOL

    Speaking of which, Cecelia called us yesterday so that she could play two selections she has learned on the piano. She was using Mr. Magpie’s keyboard to do it. He gave her his keyboard when she started taking lessons so that she could practice. And she is GOOD.



  5. Thanks for the sneak peek. This fabric is simply adorable! It brought a smile to my face and started my day off right as yours was the first email I opened this morning. :)

  6. We had a speaker at our guild a few months ago and she used LOTS of her machine’s decorative stitches on her quilts. I want to say it was Susan Cleveland, but I just can’t remember for sure. It really added some eye-popping quilting elements to her quilts! I like your little zig-zag…gives it a whimsical look!

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