Cupcake Necklace

Miss Baby thinks she has arrived




The cupcake pendant is hand sculpted by a glass artisan in North Carolina, and can be purchased here.  I know some of you have daughters and granddaughters around the same age as Miss Baby, and thought you might like a gift idea or two from time to time. :)

Thanks for stopping by.  I am getting ready to start another quilt today.  Will have previews for you in a day or two.  Later, Friends!

14 thoughts on “Cupcake Necklace

  1. That cupcake necklace is adorable! Hopefully, there’s a another grand daughter in my future (currently mine are 21 and 18 – lol) or maybe a “great” grand daughter so I’ll have to keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing Wendy!

  2. Miss Baby has definitely arrived with her cute cupcake dangling from around her neck. One just like it may be the perfect Bday gift for my soon to be 12 year old granddaughter. She is the cupcake baking Queen for our family. Her cupcakes are not only super yummy but are delightful eye-candy as well. Thanks for the shopping tip.

  3. What a sweet little cupcake! I had my nails done yesterday, and they look just like Miss Baby’s necklace…pink with confetti dots!

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