Farewell, Baronness Thatcher!


I am not a dignitary by any stretch of the imagination, and I am more than certain Lady T was not at all aware of my existence… but growing up in Southeast Asia in a former British colony, my family had great reverence for Lady T.  As a young child, I was inspired by Lady T’s success story to work and study hard.

Despite getting only 2 hours of sleep, I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to watch her funeral via the internet to say goodbye.  Even in saying goodbye, Baronness Thatcher still inspired me to live my life to the full, with God’s help.  I do feel a little sad.  It’s as if a chapter in my childhood memories is closed with the passing of the Lady T.

Scholars and historians will all have their say about Mrs. Thatcher’s legacy, but I found myself re-reading the article about what was in Mrs. Thatcher’s purse that I had posted a while back.  Here it is again if you had missed it the first time!


Meanwhile, I have a little Spring-ish treat for you tomorrow.  Do come back.

Later, my Dear Friends!

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14 thoughts on “Farewell, Baronness Thatcher!

  1. I thought she was great too. As for the pic of the azalea, when I was mowing on Monday, I saw 3 buds on one I just planted this year. They are so beautiful. Spring is here! Along with a huge bed of asparagus to cut almost daily.

  2. My husband and I have been discussing Ms.Thatcher and her legacy.

    How interesting, being in my own home reading about a talented quilter’s blog on the internet and that that quilter can share such wonderful intimate events of dining several times with a Prime Minister and a Queen!

    It is a small world, isn’t it?

    I agree, about your reporting of the importance of purses and their contents to the individual. We in our family add our laptops/tablets as part of our individual extensions too.

    Thank you for your memories and your touch of whimsy about the purses.

  3. So glad to hear of your support for Dame Thatcher; as a Canadian with family in Liverpool, it is with great respect for Margaret Thatcher’s resolve (whether correct or not) and her family that I respect her decisions made for the time and with strength and resolve to follow her beliefs.

  4. I also thought very highly of Margaret Thatcher. She seemed to be such a role model for women. But she became so human as I read the article about her purse. Thanks for sharing that and your memories of her.

  5. Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding Lady Thatcher. She was a wonderful woman. So sad to see the press dwelling on negativeness. Many women could take a “page from her book”. Purses?? A quilter always needs a tape measure with her.;)

  6. Hmmm, You might not have quite the same feelings if you have lived and worked under her government as I did. That said, I am always sad when someone well known dies and am even more saddened by the vitriol that has poured out of some people. It is enough to make me ashamed to be British. No matter what she did as Prime Minister and I was NOT one her fans, she was still a wife and Mother and was loved by her family. No-one has the right to inflict this on them when they are grieving. Let her rest in peace.

  7. I too had great respect for her and I think the world should mourn her passing. The Brits have alot to thank her for….they wouldn’t have the country they have today if it wasn’t for her. I always hated hearing her referred to as the Iron Lady….but did understand it. I so wish the world today had a Ronald Reagan and a Margaret Thatcher in the political forefront. Thank you for remembering her as well, Wendy. (….and I have more than 35 purses myself).

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