Separated at birth… QUILTS

Yesterday at church, a sweet lady (A) at church introduced me to another lady (B).  Lady A always gets me mixed up with Lady B — so, she wanted to make sure Lady B and I meet.  So, we were joking that there would be a slight possibility that Lady B and I were separated at birth. Ha!

When I leafed through the latest Quilter’s World‘s issue, I saw a couple of quilts made by Quilter’s World’s readers that gave me that “separate at birth” feeling.  Two of the quilts featured in Reader Letters section are based on my designs!!  Such a good feeling I had when I know quilters actually used my designs.  Click here to see the other readers’ projects I have shared in the past on this blog.


The two quilts you see are:

a.  Teacher’s Welcome (August 2010) – click quilt name for more pictures

teachers welcome3

teachers welcome4

b.  Quilt Scrabble Throw (August 2011) – click quilt name for more pictures



I want to thank you all for visiting my blog, and using my designs!  I wish you a very Happy Week.  Now I simply must get to work as I overslept again(!), for three days in a row now…

5 thoughts on “Separated at birth… QUILTS

  1. How neat to see your designs being used in different ways!

    You know, one day a few months after we moved to TN, I was in JoAnne’s in Knoxville and saw a little Asian lady in the section with quilting fabric, and her hairstyle was very similar to yours, and I wondered, “Could it be that Wendy is here?” I couldn’t remember where you lived, but I didn’t think it was TN. I hope the lady didn’t think I was strange, looking at her often while trying to decide whether she really looked like you or if it was just my imagination. :-) How fun it would have been to run into you there!

  2. Isn’t it amazing the connection that quilting brings into our lives? If you are among quilters you are among friends!

  3. I can certainly understand why they would pick YOUR designs. You are one extremely talented lady, Wendy. If I quilted, yours would be high on my list, too. They are high on my list to view!



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