Starry Dance Preview & Winners

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a good weekend.  I am in high gear getting things done at my end this week… please pray for me!  But the things are all exciting stuff that will be shared with you in due time.  I spent part of the weekend working on my new quilt Starry Dance….


I find that I am experimenting with quite a bit of gray lately.  I have been through phases where I used a lot of white, or black as the background colors in my quilts.  Right now, I am playing with gray.  It’s kind of fun venturing into something I haven’t done in the past.

Do you go through stages like that in your crafting/homemaking life?  If so, what are you experimenting right now — do share!


Thanks for entering my 1,000,000 giveaway on my “Learn to Machine Quilt” class, offered by Annies! I divided the entries up into the class and batting categories.


The winners are as follow:

1.  Free “Learn to Machine Quilt” class:  notyournormalsteam – I have already emailed Annie’s.  They should get with you soon on how to claim the class.

2.  Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting:  Jean Hehl – please email me your shipping address!

Congrats, ladies!

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14 thoughts on “Starry Dance Preview & Winners

  1. I always look forward to receiving emails from you because they’re sure to contain colors, designs and layouts that appeal to me. :)

    I’ve only recently started using assorted “light” colors vs a single fabric (such as white, tan, etc.) as background in my blocks for a controlled scrappy look. I’m enjoying the process and I feel that it makes the quilt a bit more interesting as a whole. When not committed to one background color, I can use up scraps which is a benefit in and of itself. I’m not sure I’ve made myself clear but I’m certain others do this all the time.

  2. I have been told that lime green adds a “zing” to quilts. I seem to be using quite a bit of that color lately. I like the color combo in your quilt.

  3. I seem to be drawn to charcoal fabrics lately. Bought some awesome charcoal/white polka dots in various sizes to add to my polka dot collection, while in Salt Lake City last week.

  4. I am definitely using more gray too – and I can’t seem to stop buying it like crazy! Every shop I go into, I head for the grays first. I just love the color play of your Starry Dance! Prayers going up for you too :*)

  5. EEEEK! I can’t believe I won! I am so excited to be able to take your class. I love you blog and have learned so much from it, I can’t wait to see what I learn from the class.

    And even better was I had a really crummy day at work. When I got home I read your blog and did a triple take. It seriously took me several minutes to figure out why my name was in a picture on your blog. Yes, it was that crummy of a day! Totally made my day! Thank you.

  6. I’m with ya on the gray…..Kona solid med. gray is my new “white”. It’s ‘softer’ and really blends so nicely but doesn’t get lost. Lends itself to traditional stitching motifs or the more modern, angular approach! Love it!!

  7. I love how your gray and bright green play off one another! I have actually been admiring gray in other quilters’ work for awhile now, but when I’m standing in a quilt shop with the gray fabrics in front of me I have no idea which one is the right value or shade. Do you mind sharing with us which gray you’re using on this quilt? It’s not too dark, not too light, not too brown… Perfect!

  8. More and more I am liking grey, not much in my stash so I may have to shop.

    This weekend a local Guild had their quilt show and we also had a state quilt show. Lots of inspiration!!!

    Have a good week Wendy!!

  9. I seem to mostly always stick to pastels, unless it is for a boy. But the more I foloow Ivory Spring, and see your different colours, the more adventurous I feel. I was like that in scrapbooking as well, but am getting awfully bold with my colour combinations. Thanks Wendy. Other than pink, Chartreuse, is my next favourite colour.

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