“Those are not flowers…”

This was how our conversation unfolded —

Me (referring to the reds amidst the green):  WOW, those are beautiful flowers!

Miss Baby:  Those are not flowers, those are my parents!


On closer inspection, those were indeed people she drew.  She had drawn her family.  The reds denote our clown noses and mouths.  I was quite flattered at her artistic interpretation of how I look!  I guess in her estimation, I have quite the hair…


while in reality, I am so much more conservative in my hairstyle. :) head shot1

So glad you stopped by.  I hope you enjoyed my Miss Baby funny!  Come back again – for I have recently magazine projects to share!  Gotta run!

28 thoughts on ““Those are not flowers…”

  1. How adorable! My first impression was the black object (your house?) was an old Singer sewing machine. See how my brain works? LOL!

  2. You will have to save these artistic expressions and someday print off fabric panels and make Miss Baby a sampler quilt of her early creations. Bet you won’t be able to part with it though!

  3. How sweet she did real good. It reminds me of the time my youngest son was asked to draw a picture of something or someone he really loved at pre-school screening. He drew a Fire Truck. Needless to say he went to pre-school. Hugs

  4. Kids at that age are so cute. I sure enjoy my 6 yo g/dau. She loves to draw. And she loves to play in my EQ7 too.

  5. I still have such drawings/paintings in a special kitchen drawer. Maybe not the best spot but every once in a while I pull them out and grab a tissue and a cup of coffee and take a trip back in time…….these are precious days! Hugs, SSAB

  6. That is really cute! When our 4 yr old grandson does art I have learned to say, “Well, tell me about this?” Because most of the time I can’t even tell what he is doing!! Thanks for sharing her adorable art work.

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