Another 1,000,000 giveaway!

You know I love love love to piece, sew, and quilt with Aurifil threads!  The following are pictures of quilts I have quilted with Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton threads.

Quilt Front Pictures:





Quilt Back Pictures:





Peaceful Garden9

The people at the super awesome Aurifil thread company that makes my favorite threads have graciously offered a large 12-spool Aurifil thread kit as a prize to celebrate Ivory Spring’s 1,000,000 milestone.  These colors are just perfect to nudge in spring, don’t you think?


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To be entered in the giveaway:  Please share if you use Aurifil for your quilting needs.  If not, what threads you use for piecing, sewing and quilting – or just crafting in general. [Comments are accepted between now and 4/8/2013]

Thank you again for stopping, and with that, I wish a very Happy Monday, and Happy Week!

p.s.  This wonderful giveaway prize is NOT an April Fool’s joke – it is for REAL! For my nerdier follows, you can check out speculations on the origin of April Fool’s Day here — now, they must be ALL true if they are on Wikipedia. ;)

360 thoughts on “Another 1,000,000 giveaway!

  1. Yes, I sometimes use Aurifil’s 50 wt. thread for quilting and I love it! Sometimes, I use Superior’s silk on the top and Aurifil on the bottom and I love that too!

  2. I have used Aurifil’s 50 wt. thread and it quilts like a dream!! I love this thread. Although right now my budget can’t afford it. :(. But it’s a great thread. Thanks for a chance to win.

  3. I use Aurifil as well as a variety of other threads including Mettler cotton thread which is my current favorite.

  4. What an amazing giveaway – I’m so plesaed this is not an April 1st Joke!! I love Aurifil thread… I use the very fine (orange spool!) for EPP and needle turn appliqué, and the green spool for fusible machine appliqué and quilting. And the red spool for embroidery!!

  5. Auric il thread is my go to thread for quilting my quilts. Because of the colour range available I always find the perfect colour to use. It is easy to use and always produces a beautiful result.

  6. I’m using Aurifil for the first time while piecing, and I really, really like it!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  7. I have never used Aurifil thread. I generally use Gutermann or Isacord polyester thread, Im always willing to try something new.

  8. I use Aurifil for all my piecing. I use a neutral, white or black. It’s thin, strong, and lint free. Wow, would I love to win this giveaway! Beautiful colors.

  9. I use Aurafil for piecing and for quilting. I love the way it blends with the fabric and how the weight is somehow just perfect for my projects. The thickness is just right, and the choice of colours is better than perfect.

  10. Yes, I love Auriful thread and use it often. I love it for quilting especially. I just tried some 100 weight silk and it also did well but was costly. With all those colors offered, it would be so nice to win so I could finish quilting the Convergence wall hanging I’m working on this month. Thanks for the chance. Jane

  11. I have never used Aurafil for my quilting. I’ve been using Coats and Clark for years as when I started quilting, there was not the huge selection as there is now. I’d love to try Aurifil.

  12. aurifil, the best thread! i quilt with it and applique with it, piece with mettler from my lqs. have to send for aurifil. thanx for the chance to win this bountiful, beautiful qiveaway.

  13. Congratulations on 1,000,000 hits. I am new to longarm quilting and after having so much trouble with the tension I was ready to throw the machine out. then I tried Aurifil thread and the machine now just purrs so it has saved the life of the machine!!!

  14. I use Aurifil most of the time & it’s definitely my favorite. Around here it’s hard to find anything buy white & beige, so some color variety would be nice!

  15. I was introduced to Auerfil thread on a Pat Sloan sponsored cruise a. few years ago. Ive been using it since….its all true what they say about it. I love it. Tks to Pat.

  16. Your quilting is always so beautiful! I use Coats & Clark, Gutterman, Connecting Threads and others. I would love to try Aurifil thread!

  17. I have been quilting for a little over 2 years, and I started by using all the basic cotton threads, Connecting threads, Coates and Clark, Gutterman, etc. Then last year I decided to treat myself to some Aurifil threads, wow, what a difference that made! I was in heaven, the thread is so fine my free motion quilting looked a million times better! Congratulations on your million page views!

  18. I sometimes use Aurifil 50 wt. I have a very limited supply of it and it is not readily available in my area. I most often use Superior threads for piecing, bobbin and quilting.

  19. I have used Aurifil 50 weight thread for my quilting, but not piecing. I use Guttermann thread. I will have to give it try for piecing too. I’d love to win all the lovely colors of Aurifil threads!

  20. I have never used Auriful threads, but would love to try the thread out on my next project. I use a variety of threads. Been following Auriful on FB for quite some time. Love the variety of projects that are shared.

  21. What a wonderful prize! I am new to FMQ, only since January have I had my HQ Sweet 16, which I love and I have been trying out Isacord and Wonderfil, both seem to be working fine so far, but I would be very happy to win your prize and try the Aurufil, as I’m sure everyone else would too!! Thank you for your wonderful posts, they have been very inspiring and I have picked up some great quilting stitch ideas.

  22. I have not had the opportunity to use Aurifil thread. I have tried a variety – for all activities, but right now my favorites for quilting are Omni, So Fine and Maginifico, and for piecing Masterpiece or so Fine all from Superior. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Yes I love Aurfil thread, use it for piecing and quilting and have been doing so for the past 5 years. It is reliable, never breaks and comes in numerous colors.
    I love your work, especially those gorgeous feathers done with Aurfil.

  24. I have never used Aurfil threads, would love to try, I use Gutterman for everything else but really want to try new threads, have heard a lot of good things about Aurfil:) Love those colors!

  25. I have not tried Aurfil thread (sorry to say) I’m retired & living in Mexico and it is not available here. I sure would love to win this giveaway so I can try it. I’m just using the (mainly poly thread) that I brought down from the States.

  26. Wow Wendy aren’t we all pleased this is not an April fools trick! I use the orange Aurifil spools for needle turn & English paper piecing. The Red spool for stitcheries & I have used this weight for quilting also. I have tried the grey spool for quilting too. Auriful thread is very versatile…..I’m keeping my fingers crossed for me!

  27. I used to buy only Gutermann threads for my piecing and YLI for my hand quilting. Have started to buy Aurifil as I run out of colours. Love it.
    Chance to win some..fantastic as senior budget is getting tight!

  28. I have never tried it, but if I win I look forward to it! It must be good because everything I read about it is very positive. I use Precensia for piecing and Superior Thread for quilting.

  29. I’ve never used Aurifil, but I’m dying to try it. Our LQSs carry Gutterman and C&C, so that’s what I generally use. I’m in the process now of finding a thread that my Bernina 820 will like for FMQ. So far, the above are not cutting it!

  30. I have not seen or used Aurfil thread, because it is not available in my part of the world. But i have heard a lot from the quilting blogs and quilting groups. so looking forward for my first experience with the Aurfil thread. Anchor is the only thread available in my part of the world and i have not seen any specific Anchor thread for quilting, but use the machine stitching Anchor thread for quilting. Thank you so much for such an awesome giveaway.

  31. I’m not familiar with Aurifil threads, as I have never seen them before. I tend to use Gutterman for all of my craft needs, due to its’ availability. It would be lovely to enter, but don’t worry if distance is a problem for my entry to be counted. Either way, thank you for a lovely post. Your quilts are amazing, Wendy! I particularly like the orange one :) Best wishes, and happy crafting, Jenny

  32. WoW! What beautiful colors of thread! Yes, I do use Aurifil for all my sewing and quilting. I just love it, my machine loves it and a spool has lots of thread.

    Thank you and Aurifil for an awesome and generous giveaway and a chance to win.


  33. That is a fabulous giveaway – the colours are glorious!
    I use Aurifil for machine piecing and machine quilting. For hand piecing, I love the DMC cotton machine embroidery thread or one of the heirloom threads.
    Again, congratulations on the 1,000,000 hits!

  34. I quilt on my home machine, not long arm, and I use Connecting Threads Essential thread……I love the colors and always stock up when they have sales.

  35. I have not used Aurifil, but would love to try it! I have been a quilter/longarm quilter for over 17 years, and once I found something that worked well I stuck with it. That being said, I’m not opposed to changing, so it would be delightful to win the drawing to have a nice selection to play with to really check it out!

  36. I have never used Aurifil as it is not readily available around here, but I’m keen to try as I read so many great things about it. Congratulations on 1,000,000 hits.

  37. What a great giveaway. I have not tried Aurifil and would love the opportunity. I am using a cone with no markings and I donor remember where I got it.

  38. No… I do not used Aurifil because I can’t get any!! I live in Japan and Aurifil has yet to make it into the tiny fabric shops that we have (and not even quilt shops mind you, fabric shops!) I have used Sulky that I bought in the States but most of my creating is done with Japanese thread…

  39. I just finished quilting a lapsized quilt with Aurifil thread and I was so impressed! No thread breaks at all! I quilted this quilt in record time! I also loved the weight of the thread; I was able to get so much more on the bobbin and the verigation of this particular thread was so delicate and even. Loved it!

  40. I have used iscord thread and have never used aurifil may be if I had the chance to get some to play with there will be a change to my quilting thread !

  41. I have recently been introduced to this wonderful thread and use it for everything now … Love It!

  42. I haven’t used Auriful threads yet. I use Coats & Clark, Connecting Threads, and Mettler. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. I have recently discovered Aurifil thread – how amazing it is! Vastly different to any other thread I have ever used. The color cards are a great resource to have on hand when ordering online. I look forward to buying cones of my favourite colors.

  44. I already follow Aurifills Facebook page. I currently piece with cotton Thread Art brand threads. And I currently quilt with their brand of threads also. I have never tried thread art. I do not have a local quilt shop and until recently. Had not heard of it. I am still a fairly new quilter. Learning lots since I started following some blogs 2 months back.

  45. Thanks for the opportunity to win with a giveaway. I have never used Aurifill. Mostly, I use Gutterman for all my quilting and embroidery but I would love to try some to see what the excitement is all about.

  46. Well this thread is not as easy for me to find hear I have one spool that I did use for piecing but it has long gone. I would love to win this set, I do look for it but generally have to order it or pick it up in the USA. good luck to everyone.
    PS I use only cotton thread Gutterman is the brand.

  47. HI Wendy….I’ve NEVER used Aurifil thread…of any weight but I’d LOVE a chance to——-:). It’s not sold locally and I have never ordered it online. For piecing I’ve been using up the Coats & Clark I’ve purchased over the years. For quilting I purchased some Isachord online and have had good results with it. It’s a very fine polyester. So……it would be really nice to have a chance to try some Aurifil. By the way…..after taking your Craftsy class and practicing every day I’m starting to see some major improvement in my free-motion quilting….still not at the WS level but definitely an improvement! Thanks so much. Congratulations on “one million”!

  48. Good morning!! I have used a little Auriril thread in my quilts….we don’t have it here in my area….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… What I’ve used; I really like a lot. I use many YIL…..and it works great too….I also use Essential thread from Connecting Thread ..which seems good too.

  49. You are the reason I tried Aurifil….and I love it. It is quickly becoming my thread of choice over everything else. Great for piecing and for machine quilting and so many wonderful colors to use. A girl can never have too much thread. Thanks, Wendy, for all your instruction.

  50. Aurifil 50 wt. is my go-to thread for piecing and quilting. It is strong yet it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the fabric. Love it!

  51. I haven’t had a chance to try Aurifil yet, it is quite expensive here in Australia. My go to thread is Rasant every time!

  52. I love Aurifil and use it for nearly all my sewing and quilting. The only thing I haven’t tried it for yet is hand quilting, and I’ll be trying it on my next small handquilting project to see how that goes! I’m already following/liking their facebook page. Congratulations on your super milestone!

  53. I LOVE Aurifil thread. Yes it is my standard go to thread. I piece with it as well as machine quilt with it.

  54. When I started learning to quilt a few years ago, the first thread I used was older threads I had on hand. But then I won one of the small packs Aurifil gives away of the different thread weights they offer. Since then I have used only Aurifil on my quilts. I do have three spools of another brand that I bought at a quilt show, but haven’t opened any of those yet to try them as I’ve been happy with Aurifil so far.

    Congratulations on such a huge number of views.

  55. I love Aurifil, it was one of the first threads I “found” when I started making quilts in 2005 and I have recommended it to many plus bought it for my sister as she started making quilts 2 years ago. I love the large spools that seem to last forever, the fine weight that allows me to piece with precision and the beautiful range of colors. I find it to be one of the best threads on the market and every time I see another one of your quilts done I know it is the best for most any project. I also recommend your Blog as much as I recommend Aurifil to aspiring quilters. Enjoy Spring!!!!

  56. I use Superior Masterpiece for piecing and Mettler’s Silk Finish Cotton for quilting. I have had Aurifil on my “list” to try for some time. Would LOVE to win your giveaway!

  57. My favourite thread is Aurifil thread, and I use it as much as I can on my Domestic sewing machine, a Bernina 820.. I have heaps of trouble with other brands, and if I do try these – I always go back to Aurifil, as my machine also seems the happiest with that :) What a wonderful give-away.

  58. Now, if you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten it was April Fool’s and I’m pretty sure hubby has something up his sleeve for when he gets out of work…now I can be ready :)
    I generally use Coats and Clark because that is what I can get locally, but I have ordered some of that thread from Connecting Threads. I don’t really know the differences in thread yet.

  59. I use Permacore on my longarm, mostly because of the price. For piecing, I use whatever is close by, usually dual duty thread from Joanns. Thanks for the givaway.

  60. Aurifil is my go-to choice for piecing, but I haven’t used it for quilting yet. The next time I need a color that isn’t already in my collection, that’s the brand I’m going to try!

  61. In the last 3 months I’ve purchased over 40 spools of aurifil thread! I have such an array of beautiful colors to choose from now. I’m just finishing a sampler quilt of 20 14″ blocks with so many different threads used in the quilting. Anxious to see how it looks all sewn together (doing a quilt as you go technique). Congratulations on the 1,000,000 viewers & keep encouraging us!

  62. I love Aurifil thread. I use it for piecing and quilting and also for hand applique. It doesn’t break when quilting and shows such a nice stitch. The applique is invisible with it, too. And my machine loves it, too!

  63. I have used Superior thread in the past, and several other types but haven’t found anything that I love love love, so I will definitely give Aurifil a try! (hopefully be being the winner)!! Love your posts. You are such an inspiration.

  64. I use Aurifil for piecing and for quilting. And if I use a different thread for quilting, I try to use Aurifil in the bobbin. It’s so fine and produces very little lint, so I feel like it’s kind to my machine!

  65. I do use Aurifil threads for piecing and quilting. I find them to be the only threads that do not skip or loop on the bottom when I am quilting. Trying to use use up all the “other” stuff in my stash so I have nothing but aurifil. They give me no tension problems.

  66. I recently bought some Aurifil thread and am wondering why I never used it before. It is so fantastic. I love it for quilting and piecing. Hugs

  67. I have never tried aurifil threads and but have heard wonderful things about it. I typically use Gutermann for piecing and quilting and they work not bad on my machine. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on a wonderful draw.

  68. I’ve been using Aurifil for piecing and free motion quilting for about nine years. I love how it runs through my machine. The choice of colors is fantastic.

  69. I love Aurifil thread. In fact, I think it was from you I decided to try it. I’ve been using it about a year now. I like it for piecing and quilting as well. So I’m trying to get multiple colors in my thread stash! Congrats again on the million. And the quilts you showed today are beautiful. I remember most of them. Happy Quilting!

  70. Congratulations on the 1M milestone ! And thanks for the giveaway. I have Aurifil and Superior and Presencia here which I’ve used for piecing and som FMQ. I need to do more quilting to really compare them well. Your enthusiastic recommendation is what made me buy the Aurifil in the first lace.

  71. I’m just getting going at quilting and have never bought any particular threads to use. I just use what’s available at the local sewing store, usually Coats and Clark or Gutterman.

  72. Congratulations on your fantastic blog. I check for new entries each day. Your quilts are exquisite. Yes, I use Aurifil for all my machine piecing. I would not use another thread in my machine. There is very little lint or fuzz and this helps to keep my Pfaff running smoother.

  73. I piece with Aurifil thread and sometimes quilt with it. It is my favorite cotton thread. I would love to have the beautiful collection of spring colors.

  74. I have been using Aurifil 40wt. for some time and love it. Would love to try the 50wt. Thanx for the chance to win. Jackie

  75. I have used Aurifil before but I can’t find it around where I live so when I go to a quilt show I will buy some. Congrats on this milestone.
    Lovely works of yours. Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. I’ve been using Aurifil 50 and 40 wt threads for about 8 months now and just LOVE IT! I use it for piecing and my machine quilting! Thanks so much for the chance to win that lovely collection!

  77. l use (and love) Aurifil thread for piecing my quilts…haven’t tried it for quilting yet. Would love to win all those wonderful colors… l love reading your blog daily and seeing the gorgeous quilts you create. Congrats on hitting the 1M mark!

  78. I, too, love those threads!!! And, since my stitching involves quite a bit of “travel” stitching, it performs beautifully!!!!! The colors….,well…..what can I say! They have them all!! I will have to say that when I have used them I receive more positive feedback than with other threads!! Says it all! Blessings and uber hugs, SSAB

  79. I love Aurifil thread. The 50 weight is perfect for quilting and a spool seems to go such a long way. It blends in nicely on the quilts leaving just enough of an impression to show off the quilting designs. My Tin Lizzy Sitdown just loves the thread and never skips a stitch when I am using this thread. It is perfect for piecing too. It is so light and my piecing seems to be more accurate when I use this thread.

  80. I use Aurifil for both piecing and machine quilting…..I can get a better 1/4″ seam with it. Colors blend beautifully.

  81. I love using Aurifil 50 wt. thread for all my piecing needs. It just glides when it goes through the machine. I find that there is less lint, and the sheen is simply beautiful. My goal is to try to replace all my threads with Aurifil.
    Congratulations on making your 1M goal.

  82. Hi there, congrats on your 1,000 000 milestone! I love your blog and never miss a single day reading it. Unfortunately we do not have Aurifil thread here in South Africa so oh how I would love to win these as I know everyone in the States uses it. How lucky can you be! I use Seralon, which is a thread widely available here, for all my piecing and Colorful embroidery thread for quilting. So I really am holding thumbs!!!

  83. I usually piece with Gutermann thread and have used King Tut for machine quilting. After reading many of the other comments it sounds like alot of quilters really like Aurifil thread so I’m going to try to find it! Wendy, your quilting is simply awesome!

  84. I use whatever I can get my hands on. I haven’t tried Aurafil before, but I am always looking for a good thread.

  85. I have used Mako 50 for piecing since ~1999. I use YLI or Superior for quilting.
    It would be fun to quilt with those lush colors!

  86. I use sulky just because I can buy it on sale at Joann’s. would love to try your thread, though.

  87. I have not had the opportunity to use Aurafil and am looking forward to shopping for it!
    I use Gutterman and believe it or not, have not quilted on my machine yet!
    I’ve pieced a lot of quilts with Gutterman but am about to take the plunge to buying a quilting machine!
    I would love to begin my journey with the gorgeous Aurafil threads!

  88. I’ve never used Aurafil thread, have heard a lot of good things about it, and was planning to get some, so this giveaway would be great!

    Right now, for my machine quilting, I use MaxiLok thread.

  89. I have a few spools of Aurifil & treat it like gold. It is my favorite for binding, as it just goes through the fabric like butter.
    I would love to win this set so I could really start experimenting with the thread. It is awesome.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  90. I am very limited in what I can buy here. I have never seen Aurifilut it looks gorgeouse a god loond r threads and fabcs when I am in the USA in May. Where I live in the UK it is rubbish for fabric and craft shops!!!!

  91. I have also used Aurafil thread for quilting on a silk quilt which turned out beautiful. It is wonderful in machine embroidery also. In piecing and sewing works great. Glides through the machine like butter. A great thread to use.
    I would love to win this box of thread, as I am running out and on a limited income.

  92. Since I’ve just started free motion sewing, I’ve not tried the Aurifil yet. While I practice, I’m using Gutermann. Hopefully I can get good enough to actually do a quilt soon and would love to try the Aurifil.

  93. I love the fact that Aurifil thread is so smooth and leaves little lint in the machine. I have quilted samples of (aprox. 30) of threads and am reviewing them on my blog ( ) as I have time. (Aurifil is on March 30, 2013) Aurifil performed beautifully when quilting and I will use it again.

  94. Congratulations! I LOVE Aurifil thread. I use the thread for quilting and more recently for applique. The thread hids well when you want it to and stands out in beautiful feathers like yours.

  95. Congrats on 1,000,000 followers! I have tried Aurifil thread, but it’s not available in my neck of the woods, so I mostly use Bottom Line and Sew Fine by Superior. Thanks for the giveaway.

  96. I use Aurifil for all my quilting projects… yes, initially it seems to be a little more expensive than some of the other threads but when you actually use it, you have no breakage which means no wasted thread and a spool lasts forever. I have already liked Aurifil thread on FB so I get there updates there all the time. I could always use more colors so would love to win the giveaway. thanks

  97. I have yet to try Aurifil. I am sure I would love it but since it is expensive, I am going to hold off a while until I have a little more experience in the quilting on top. Right now I use Guttermans and Sew Fine and Bottom Line by Superior. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  98. I use Aurifil often for quilting. Its the perfect weight cotton thread and also excellent quality. Its my favorite for piecing as well.

  99. Yes, I DO like Aurifil thread, as well as a number of others, including Mettler cotton 60 wt. and 100 wt. silk from both YLI and Superior. Thanks, Wendy for your great blog, as well as the give-away.

  100. I love Aurifil thread—-I use it for piecing, sewing, quilting, When i think about it, I use it for just about everything. It is my “go to” thread.

  101. I love, love, love Aurifil thread for everything pertaining to fabric! I just started quilting again last year (after a 25 year break). Our local quilt shop sells Aurifil and was highly recommended to me. I have tried other threads, but I always have wonderful results with Aurifil. It may be a bit pricey, but I truly believe, “you get what you pay for”. This thread is worth every penny.

  102. I love Aurifil for piecing and sewing. Have never tried quilting on my long arm with it though now you have given me ideas :) I love to follow your blog. You are one busy lady!! Thank you and Aurifil for hosting this giveaway.

  103. My thread choices were fairly random until I got my mid arm quilting machine which LOVES Aurofil. Now it is my brand of choice.

  104. I do use Aurifil thread for just about every thing I’ve sewn for the past nine years. When I first found it it was’t so easily found. So it is nice that the brand
    has become more readily assess able. Thanks for all that you share with us.don’t know how you get it all done. Kws

  105. I haven’t tried aurifil thread, I have to order everything online. I use madeira,
    and sulky, but I sure do love your quilts and the quilting!! I think I need to change my batting too…I need more oomph!

  106. Aurifil is all I use any more. I love that you can get so much more on a bobbin and can seemingly sew forever before it runs out.

  107. This is a VERY appropriate giveaway for your blog, Wendy, because I had never heard of Aurifil until you wrote about it here. I nagged my Bernina dealer until they started stocking it, and I have started to use Aurifil as my go-to piecing and quilting thread. There are so many different opinions out there as to the best methods and materials for quilters to use; my approach is to find out what the quilter’s I admire most are using and try those products first. You do some of the most beautiful quilting on a domestic machine that I have ever seen, so if you’re using Aurifil, that’s what I want to use, too! I’m planning to try some of the silk threads you recommend for quilting soon as well, with Aurifil in the bobbin perhaps.

  108. I haven’t used Aurifil yet. I am still using up my Mettler thread – which I have liked. I would be interested in trying the Aurifil because I have heard so many great things about it.

  109. I prefer to do piecing with Aurifil but it’s hard to get here in Sweden. Usually i use Coats or Guterman wich is the most common thread brands here. Hugs Ullis

  110. I use Aurafil on my longarm currently on my Quilts of Valor. I like it very much & would love to win this pretty pack.

  111. Aurifil threads are a favorite of mine. I love the 50/2 ply cotton thread for piecing. It is also wonderful for quilting, especially if I am doing lots of dense, heavy quilting or if I don’t want the thread to “overpower” my quilt. Great product!! It is my “go to” thread.

  112. I like using Aurifil for piecing. I haven’t used it for quilting yet. I have been using Masterpiece and King Tut for quilting. I would love to try Aurifil or my quilting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. I love using Aurifil 50 wt, once I used it, it was hard to use anything else. Always stock up when I visit large quilt shows

  114. I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Aurifil thread for piecing! The bobbin holds so much thread, it never seems to run out!

  115. Though not new to piecing, I’m brand new to FMQ and would love to win this colorful treat! Thanks for the chance.

  116. I use Guttermann or Mettler because that’s all I can get locally. I would love to try Aurifil on my machine and see how it works but I would have to order it. Congratulations on the milestone!!! I love seeing all the quilts you make AND how Miss Baby’s smocking dresses are coming along… :o)

  117. I have used Aurifil for piecing but it is hard to find so I usually use superior thread because I can just order it on like. I love your quilts but I worry about all the time you spend quilting and piecing. I am afraid you will burn yourself out you don’t get enough rest !!!

  118. I just bought my first big spool of Aurifil this month for a machine quilted quilt and loved it. How amazing it would be to win some colors!

  119. I haven’t yet tried Aurifil as it’s not readily available where I live. I usually use YLI or Gutermann. Congrats on 1,000,000 hits – I love looking at your work and being inspired by it.

  120. I usually use Gutterman, plain and/or variegated for my projects. I should love the opportunity to try Aurifil and pretty sure I would enjoy using it too!! Thank you for this fantastic offer.

  121. Wow – as I was scanning down through the comments I saw one from Linda Kay and thought I didn’t write that – lol – because I do use Aurifil thread. I try other brands too, but find myself going back to Aurifil because it works so well. I’ve been using a neutral color, so it would be fantastic to have such a variety! Thanks Wendy and Aurifil for the opportunity!

  122. I like to use the Aurifil threads. I have some free samples from Quilt Camp and like them a lot. I do have some other brands that I’m trying to use up before I use only Aurifil. I was signed up to come to your class at Rogers Sewing Center in Dec., but I got the flu for Christmas and didn’t want to spread germs to my friends. Sorry I missed meeting you.
    Lula Hanson, Fort Smith, AR

  123. I love Aurifil threads and have been using them for some years now, love the colours and the sheen against the fabric when I use them for quilting.I tell my students about them and have converted many to the joys of using these wonderful threads.

  124. I’ve followed Aurifil’s facebook page for a while, that being my thread of choice (my machine’s favorite, too!) but not always the one I can afford. I use Mettler when Aurifil isn’t readily available.

  125. I have not tried Aurifil threads. As I am experimenting as a relatively newbie to machine quilting, I have used a variety of Superior Threads and Isacord. Would love to spread my wings and try Aurifil. Thanks for sharing those photos again, Wendy. They get the creative juices going.

  126. Hi, Wendy,
    I’ve tried many other brands of thread in the past, and I now use Aurifil exclusively for sewing, patchwork, and machine quilting. It’s the best!! I love the long staple cotton, and the way it “sinks” into the fabric so beautifully. The color selection is wonderful–I use the color swatch cards to select the threads for quilting. And I love using Mako 5021 for most of my patchwork. It’s a neutral color that works beautifully.

  127. I use Aurifil in my bobbin frequently for piecing. I wish I could afford more of it. It is a fantastic thread. Recently I have been working with Connecting Threads cotton thread which was recommended by a fellow quilter.

  128. I would love to try Aurifil. I usually use Coats and Clarks because it fits my budget. But I have read wonderful things about Aurifil and the colors look gorgeous!

  129. Your quilting is phenomenal! I haven’t used Arufil before, but I do have a couple of spools to try out. I use Gutermann for hand quilting and Coats & Clark for machine piecing,

  130. I love using Aurifil threads – it’s so well behave doth for piecing and quilting
    and the colors are gorgeous.

  131. After reading you use Aurfil threads I ordered some and absolutely love them for quilting and piecing. I’ve recommended them to friends and they also love them.

  132. I piece & quilt with Aurifil…it’s my favorite thread. I used it to thread paint on my husband’s Air Force logo quilt…after lots and lots of Aurifil, I was able to turn what I’ve always referred to as “the ugly quilt” into an amazing patch for the center of his quilt. Yes! Aurifil has the power to turn ugly things into beautiful creations!!

  133. I have always used Coats and Clark when I can get it on sale. I would love to try this kind of thread. Everyone that has used Aurfil thread tell me once I use it I would never want to use anything else. Maybe this will be my chance to win and that would sure give me many choices of colored thread to use. Thank you.

  134. I use Aurfil and Gutterman and Superior, but have decided to purchase only Aurfil from now on for all my machine piecing. Good, Good Stuff. Fingers crossed.

  135. I absolutely LOVE Aurifil threads for all of my patchwork & quilting. I’d love to win the beautiful colors being offered in the giveaway.

  136. Love Aurifil thread for piecing but don’t think I’ve ever used it for quilting. However, I will be trying it for quilting soon. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  137. I haven’t typically use Aurifil for quilting, but the colors are so beautiful! I do like quilting with a fine silk thread.

  138. I have never used Aurifil, but would love the chance to. I usually use whatever I have. I like the thread from Connecting Threads.

  139. I have not used any Aurifil thread yet. I just got some spools to try out for piecing. I have heard rave reviews from those that have used it, so I am sure I will love it.

  140. I have never tried Aurifil threads, but would love the opportunity. Your quilting is very inspiring.

  141. I have not used Aurifil threads. I have used Connecting Threads and Superior Threads. Congrats on your celebration and all your hard work!

  142. I use Aurifil for all my quilting needs: piecing and quilting, as I love the way it handles in my machine, and the way it looks on my quilts. The selection of thread colors is great too. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  143. Hi, i started using Aurifil thread’s last year and so far have used them for applique and hand piecing. On a recent trip away, many of my friends were using the big Auriful cones in their machines. That’ll be my next purchase. It’s a wonderful thread and works through fabric very smoothly and sinks well into applique.

  144. I started using Aurifil 50 wt. for all my piecing a couple years ago and just love it! There is very little lint and my piecing is much more precise than with the heavier weight thread I had been using.

  145. A friend gave me a spool that she’d puchased and was the wrong color. I’ve yet to use it because its such and odd color. Most of the time I use plain old coats and clark white for piecing. And Invisfil or Fufu for quilting.

  146. I enjoy using Aurifil thread for my hand applique as well as for machine quilting. Congratulations for reaching the million mark !

  147. I’ve never used Aurifil before. In the past I used Gutermann and sometimes Coats and Clark, but I mostly do small projects. I’ve never made a quilt before, but it’s on my to-do list this spring.

  148. I use Gutermann and Coats and Clark because that is what friends have sent me. I would love to try Aurifil but I can’t get it where I live. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  149. I have never tryed Auril threads ,but would love to ,I have many friends who live by it . I use the just the coats and clark ,or what the fabric stores carrying .Sew please pick me so that i can try it .Thanks sew much for giveaway .

  150. I recently bought some Aurifil thread to use for quilting the memory quilts that I am making in honor of my baby granddaughter who pasted away. I look forward to trying it out soon.

  151. I am just getting back to sewing after a few years away, I am just learning of Aurifil & it sounds wonderful, I’ve only had Coats & Clark available in our rural area, but with computers & internet, I can order things I didn’t have available back when I used to sew!!!!

  152. I LOVE Aurifil thread! AND I would love to win the beautiful spring assortment you have to give away. Thank s for the chance to win!

  153. My hubby got me a short-arm quilting machine (Pfaff Grand Quilter on an Inspira frame) for our anniversary last year, and I’ve discovered that I *love* using Aurifil threads for this! Wonderful thread, low-lint, fewer thread breaks, and fantastic colors!

  154. I like so many others have never used Aurifil & would love the chance to try it. I alter/repair vintage dresses and need to use a thread that I can find locally to match the colors. Aurifil is not sold locally, so I use Coats & Clark and Gutermann.

  155. I bought a spool of Aurifil a few months ago and recently started piecing a quilt for myself with it. It is wonderful. I can’t wait to try quilting with it!

  156. I really have never used it but would love to try it. I love to sew and quilt and just use whatever the quilt shop has for basics…need to learn more about different kinds of threads. Your work is beautiful and inspiring…thanks for the fun giveaway~

  157. I was ‘raised’ using only Aurifil for quilting. My LQS suggested it when I first started quilting and explained the benefits of using a high quality thread. It is all I use for piecing now.

  158. Haven’t used yet, I want to. But I live in small town USA and the thread is not readily available. But would love to try it.

  159. I’ve used Aurifil 50wt for piecing for about a year, and recently tried their 28wt for quilting. Love! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  160. I use whatever I can find at the store but I would absolutely LOVE to try this set that you are giving away! TY for the chance to win.

  161. I love piecing with Aurifil thread – it is almost lint free and I love how it glides through my machine. As I am on a low budget I only use white and ecru at the moment and would love these colors so that I can actually machine quilt some spring table runners that I have made as gifts. They are gorgeous colors to welcome spring and summer. Me please?!

  162. Being self taught I never knew that there was a certain type of thread to use for quilting. I just used whatever I have on hand. This would an awesome prize to win.

  163. I love Aurifil. I use it when I have it for piecing. It is so smooth and trouble free. I haven’t tried it quilting yet as I have only one or two colors. This would be great to win!

  164. I have a little bit of Aurifil, so if the colors I have work, I use that; if not, whatever I have on hand!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  165. I really like Aurifil a lot, I’ve used it to piece but never to quilt, I send my quilts out to get quilted but maybe if I win ;) I’d try to quilt one myself ;) Thank You!

  166. I use Aurifil in an attempt to have my quilting look as good a Wendy’s! I don’t have many colors, so winning would be a thrill for me. Thanks for all you do Ivory Spring.

  167. I’m learning to applique. Someone told me to use Aurifil. To my surprize it comes in all the beautiful colors.

  168. I have not used Aurifil, but would love to try it. I have used Guterman, Sulky and Coats and Clark.

  169. I use guterman at the moment but keep hearing great things about aurifill and would love to have the chance to try it out.

  170. I haven’t been quilting long and I haven’t seen Aurifil for sale where I live (only 2 stores). I’ve been using Gutterman, but would love to use Aurifil.
    Thank you for the chance to win.
    ktreve (at) hotmail (dot) com

  171. my wonderful husband just bought me a bernina 550 QE as a gift for helping him finish his doctorate. he is 66 and i am so proud of him! the bernina dealer recommended that we use aurifil in our machine, and i followed the recommendation, to keep the new machine running as long as possible. got 16 years out of my first machine, 20 years out of my second, and now i am on my third! i really like the aurifil thread! thanks for the giveaway!!!! :)

  172. I use Aurifil thread for my English Paper Piecing projects – I would love to have some for machine piecing and quilting!

  173. I use Aurifil for piecing and quilting both, and for edging my machine applique. I also use King Tut for quilting but rarely, as I’ve learned to really appreciate the quality of Aurifil and the 50 wt fineness of it all.

  174. I love the Aurifil 50 wt & also the 40 wt . Love to sew with the 40 wt for top stitching .

  175. I’ve never tried Aurifill threads but I’ve only just started sewing! For cross stitch and other crafts I use Anchor or DMC.
    Hope this giveaway is open worldwide!
    lindame dot rumsey at gmail dot com

  176. I love Aurifil thread, I use the 50 wt but would love to try the 40.It fills the bobbins like no other My only problem is that I have to buy the thread on line. I wish I could get it locally. I live in PE, Canada. .

  177. I use Aurifil for all my quilting needs. I am currently hand piecing hexies and love using it for them. I also have a large cone that I am slowly using up for my machine piecing! Best thread ever and perfect color choices! Love the spring colors!!!

  178. I just started using Aurifil and would love some more! Beautiful colors! Thanks for the giveaway.

  179. Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve never used Aurifil – I usually use Mettler thread to piece and a variegated to quilt.

  180. I’m just going to try a cone of Aurifil now that I received with my new LA. I usually use Fil-tec Glide or Superior So-fine – but I may just have to convert as I’ve heard great things about Aurifil threads.

  181. I just started using Aurifil thread. My local quilt shop,Serendipity Quilt Store in Dagsboro Delaware carriers it. I have a lovely shade of AF Blue that I am using right now! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Mary Deeter, Stitchinggrandma

  182. I have two spools of Aurifil, one I got to quilt my first big quilt, and a spool of white that I keep in my box of hexies. I would love to win your generous prize! Thanks for the give away!

  183. Aurifil was the first brand of thread I used when I started my first quilt. It was recommended to me by personnel at the shop where I bought my sewing machine. I use it for piecing and sewing quilt tops.

  184. I am a newbie so I’ve not used Aurifil before but would love to try if the comments on FB is anything to go by.

  185. I am using Aurifil thread for the first time to applique one of Edyta Sitar’s beautiful quilt patterns. It works like a dream in my sewing machine and the colors are wonderfull! Thank you for such fantastic thread!

  186. I LOVE AURIFIL – especially for small piecing – love the accuracy! Thank you fo the opportunity!

  187. Aurifil is always my first choice for piecing and hand sewing. Wish it was more readily available though! Lovely colors in this selection!

  188. The ladies in my hand applique bee have all decided Aurifil is better than most of the silk thread we can get for applique. That is high testament to a thread that is already the first choice for piecing and machine quilting. I am in the process of making every new thread purchase Aurifil.

  189. I love Aurifil for everything I sew and quilt. I try not to use anything else! Congratulations on reaching such an awesome blogging milestone!!

  190. Wow there’s some beautiful work there! I use it some, I’m slowly transitioning over, I use Gutermann when I don’t use Aurifil since I have tons of it from garment sewing!

  191. I have never used Aurifil thread but do have some on the way. Right now I use Coats and Clarks, Gutermann, Sulky, whatever is right for the project.

  192. So beautiful!!!! I just bought a four pack of basic colors of Aurifil. It sure makes a difference, I really really wanted to get a big colorful box of colors too. Fingers crossed!

  193. I’ve been using Aurifil for everything… piecing and quilting. I’m using up all my others as I can and replacing only with Aurifil because my Bernina really likes it, and I like the results.

  194. Aurifil is the only thread i use I only have a few colors now that I am using on the quilt that i am making, thoses colors would look awesome with this quilt also cause its pink,green,purple,blue,and white.. etc…

  195. I have not used Aurifil thread yet.I just moved from Alaska where I only got to the store twice a year and had to grab whatever they had. Now, I can’t wait to try Aurifil!

  196. I have not used Aurifil yet, but I just got a long-arm machine and frame, and am itching to start! The email groups I’ve subscribed to so I can learn more about machine quilting over whelmingly recommend Aurifil, so that’s how I intend to start!

  197. I have not tried Aurifil yet! No local stores carry it! :( I would love to try it, since I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it! I am just starting to machine quilt–working on my first top right now–not crazy about what I am using.

  198. I have not tried Aurifil but would love the chance to. Have just been using invisible thread. Thanks for the chance to win.

  199. I have not tried Aurifil yet. I’m fairly new to quilting and I am learning it is a favorite. It’s on the top of my wishlist! I currently am using the large spool of Coats n Clark cotton, seems to work well for me.

  200. I am a newbie to quilting and I have never used Aurifil thread. I live in a small town with only a Joannes to buy quilting stuff and they do not sell Aurifil. I use Gutermann or Coats and Clark. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  201. I have never used Aurifil thread would love to try it since i have machine quilting frame now. Then maybe after a lot of practice my quilting can look as beautiful as it does on the quilts above. I use guttermans now because it is
    what Joanns sells.

  202. I have used Aurifil 50 wt for piecing and loved it.

    At the moment, for quilting, I am using the last of the Madeira 30 wt I bought in a sale just after they stopped selling it.

  203. Oh.My.Gosh ~ you do amazing quilting!
    I use Auriful 50 for hand piecing and sewing machine piecing too. Haven’t gotten around to quilting anything for a while since I discovered Auriful. It’s my go to thread!

  204. A sample pack was included in a door prize I won a few years ago. Love the smoothness of the thread and then I won another sample pack from Pile O fabric the next year. Use it just for specialty top stitching.

  205. I love quilting with Aurifil thread but haven’t tried them for piecing, yet. I often use Masterpiece for piecing.

  206. I love Aurifil thread, and my machine loves it too. There is a distinct difference in the way my machine hums along when using Aurifil.

  207. I love Aurifil thread I use 50 weight to piece and quilt and for applique. I use 12 weight for embroidery and it is my favorite thread. I have been in love with it since I discovered it a few years ago. The colors you have in the kit are beautiful and would definitely be an asset to my Aurifil collection which in 50 weight is primarily all neutrals.

  208. I don’t have any Aurifil thread. No one here sells it. I use what I can find but Gutter… thread is available and so is Coats. Quilting cotton is used when needed.

  209. I have not been so lucky to use Aurifil yet, but have heard massive good things about it. I use thread that my mother-in-law has given me, most of it over 30 years old, so far so good, I won’t buy anything new until her ‘large’ supply ends but I won’t say no if I win, thanks for the great giveaway.

  210. I first tried Aurifil almost 2 years ago. It’s wonderful for piecing, quilting, and general sewing. It’s actually a better bargain per yard than many other threads, especially since it works better and doesn’t break or fray in the needle. I occasionally use Superior King Tut to quilt, too, but it’s mostly because I have the thread, and don’t have all the Aurifil colors yet, or the variegated isn’t available in Aurifil yet. This is a wonderful prize, and congratulations on your incredible milestone. I do love your quilts and blog. Thanks!

  211. Have never tried Aurifil. Winning would give me the chance to try it instead of what I use now. Thanks

  212. I have never tried Aurifil but I want to so badly. I was Coats & Clark for all my sewing needs right now.

  213. I Have Not Tried Aurifil Yet. I Have One Spool That Is Calling My Name. I’m Trying To Finish The Gutterman I Have. I Fear That Once I Use The Aurifil I Wont Go Back.

  214. I use Aurifil for piecing, and a number of different threads on my long arm: YLI, Konfetti by Wonderfil, Glide. I love the huge variety of colors that Aurifil offers.

  215. I love Aurifil! I use it for machine applique and quilting. My second favorite thread for quilting is Superior Thread’s Omni.

  216. I use aurifil thread almost exclusively to quilt and piece. Other thread is used only if I don’t have the color I want in aurifil. No local source makes always having the right color difficult, but I’m slowly building my supply

  217. I’m just starting quilting, and I keep hearing about Aurifil! For my sewing I generally just use Coats and Clark, but clearly I need to switch!

  218. Conrats on your milestone and thanks to you and Aurifil for the opportunity to win some thread. I have used Aurifil exclusively for piecing ever since it became available here in BC. I use everything from the 50 weight to the wool thread in a variety of other projects as well. Love the thread and am a fan on Facebook!

  219. I can’t buy Aurifil where I live. Last year when visiting Kentucky, I saw some in a quilt shop and picked up a few basic colours to try … having long heard “the buzz”. I can’t believe the difference it makes! This year when I visited Kentucky, it was the one thing I made sure I was able to do … buy some MORE Auriful thread. I’m stocked with the basics and a few small spools of colours but I would dearly love to have more variety, both in terms of colours and weight, on hand.

  220. I’ve been using Superior Threads Masterpiece for piecing. I’ve been wanting to try Aurifil, so maybe this is my chance!

  221. I use Aurifil for machine and hand piecing and for quilting as well. A friend of mine suggest trying it 4-5 years ago and I haven’t look back.

  222. Your quilting is just amazing!

    I use Aurifil 50 wt for piecing, along with Masterpiece; DMC or Aurifil for applique, usually Aurifil for machine quilting on my DSM, and Signature on my LA.

    Thanks for the chance to win some of this wonderful thread! Congrats on your 1,000,000!

  223. Since I was introduced to Aurifil Threads 2 years ago, I rarely use anything else for every one of my sewing needs. There are so many beautiful colors and I have 30 spools of 50 wt so far and will be looking forward to getting more!

  224. Love your beautiful quilts. I am new to quilting and plan to try Aurifil Thread on my next project after reading all the great comments about it.

  225. Aurifil 50# (orange spool) is the ONLY thread I use for my piecing anymore! I have also tried it for some longarm quilting recently. For my applique, it’s Bottom Line 60# poly. I am also experimenting with some Glide on the longarm.

  226. When my friend and I started quilted, we used a generic thread from JoAnn fabrics. We finally learned a bit more and tried out various other brands of thread and both landed on Aurifil!

  227. I would love to use Aurifil threads. Haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet though. Hopefully soon. I usually use whatevery I can find in Joann’s. I know, not the best but in my price range. Thanks for the giveaway.

  228. THese are gorgeous quilts. My skill and patience level is just at the basic squares level, but I”d love to have the time to create something this beautiful someday! Right now for threads, I just use whatever I can find at Joann Fabrics. Until I started reading craft blogs, I didnt realize there were different qualities of thread. Aurifil looks wonderful!

  229. My Husqrvana LOVES Aurifil! I machine quilt infrequently (I try to use the talents of my local longarm quilter to save my sanity), and Aurifil is the only one that seems to work well – it doesn’t break like other threads I’ve tried.

  230. Haven’t used anything but Aurifil for almost 7 years, ever since I found it in a little tiny hole in the wall shop in the middle of nowhere Ohio. DH had a weekend class to go to, so I traveled along for a little retreat for one in the hotel.Lucky for me I forgot to pack thread! Came home and threw all of my other thread away, and haven’t used anything else since!

  231. I’ve only used Aurifil once, and it kept breaking on me. I’ve heard really good things and wouldn’t mind trying it again, but Guttermann has been working for me and the price is right.

  232. I’m using Gutterman at the moment, because I was only just introduced to Aurifil and have not yet been able to get my hands on any. Its the first thing on my shopping list for when I go fabric hunting in May! :)

  233. I love using Aurifil – for piecing and quilting. My machine loves it – hardly any fluff.

  234. I have Aurifil for handpiecing and applique and it is so smooth….am waiting to get a new sewing machine (next month!) before I try it out for machine work.

  235. I recently purchased a spool of Aurifil to quilt with but haven’t done so yet. I’ve used Gutterman for many years but mainly for piecing so I would be interested to try it for all my sewing.
    PS LOVE your quilting, the backs are as stunning as the fronts!

  236. Mostly I use Medirea thread for my quilting needs. Would love to win, and give a new thread a try.

  237. as I cannott get Aurifil thread anywhere close to me, I hoard what thread I do have for those very special projects!! I do love the 12wt for redwork – it is just amazing!!

  238. I use Gutterman or Sulky but I would love to try Aurifil – free would be even better!

  239. I’ve been piecing with Aurifil for several years now, and have just started experimenting quilting with it. I’ve lived it with what I’ve used it on so far–two wall hanging size quilts.

  240. I have just used aurifil thread for the first time. It matched table cloth fabric I had purchased. It sewed beautiful hems so I tried it piecing and quilting a table runner and some Easter hot mats. Love the way the finished projects look, I’m sure to buy more of the colors.

    I’m new to quilting so have been using the different thread left from dress making and embroidery projects.

  241. I would love to try aurifil thread because everything else I use seems to make a lot of lint. I have been using up a lot of coats & clark and some mettler.

  242. Wow- what fabulous quilting!! :) I haven’t used Aurifil yet, but would love to try! I currently use guttermann as it is available locally to purchase and my machine likes it. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  243. I am officially a thread snob…I buy only the best…Aurufil of course! It only took one spool and I was hooked! I use it for piecing and quilting! And I’m really excited to find your blog! Congrats on 1,000,000 visits!

  244. I have just recently bought my first spool of Aurifil thread. It is for a hawaiian appliqued wall hanging. I am very anxious to try it. Everything I read about it is great. I use YLI, Mettler,DMC, and Superior. Thank you for this chance to win some more.

  245. I recently finished two similar lap-sized quilts, one of which I quilted with a Bernina 830 on a Grace frame. The other was done on my home Bernina 440QE. I used similar fmq motifs on both, and Aurifil variegated thread in both the top and bottom.

  246. I really like piecing with Aurifil threads. It’s less linty than some I’ve tried. The colors are amazing and it’s fun to pick them when I’m ready to quilt a top. I have a local quilt shop which carries this thread and I usually pick up another spool while shopping for fabric.

  247. I haven’t used it yet, but I hear wonderful things about Aurifil. I usually use Superior, but would love to give Aurifil a try. Thanks for the chance!

  248. I can’t say that I have used Aurifil a whole lot, but I am using it in a hand sewing project that I have on the go in the truck with me. So far so good lol. I have used Masterpiece by Superior for all of my machine piecing for about a year now and really like it. As for quilting, pretty much anything goes if it gives me the effects I am after… but I do tend to use a lot of Sulky when I machine quilt. Hope you and Miss Baby have a wonderful week! Thanks Wendy!!

  249. Have never used it , but should give it a try…Problem is, I have little luck in fininshing up a quilt as I do some Quilts of Valor and only have to do tops…Would like to try using it… Know if you are using it, it has to be great !!!

  250. Until now I’ve purchased and used whatever thread is on sale. I am a new quilter and didn’t know that the type of thread you use makes a huge difference.

  251. Auriful was recommended to me by our local quilt shop which is no longer in business. I love it for piecing. It is strong, thin, and doesn’t have all the fuzzies which accumulate as lint in your machine. Try it, you’ll love it.

  252. I haven’t tried Auriful thread. I’m still learning about threads for FMQ and long arm quilting. Their colors look so beautiful. It would be amazing to win some!

  253. I don’t have a favorite thread…YET as I’m still learning. I’d love to try the thread. I love the colours!

  254. I generally use whatever threads I have and can afford. Coats & Clark was what I had to start with. I have added Gutterman and now I have a couple of spools of Essential from Connecting Threads. I’m a beginner on a limited income, as you can tell.

  255. Aurifil is awesome! On my last project I was forced to use another brand and was so disappointed with the results. My machine and I prefer Aurifil :)

  256. I have used a variety of threads, always 100% cotton, I plan t0 Aurifil on the next quilt I work on.

  257. I ♥ Aurifil. I’m pretty sure I use it because that is what you use and I so admire your beautiful quilting. The thread has such a pretty shine to it and looks so beautiful in a quilt, so it is the only thread I quilt with. Please pick me. I would LOVE to win that pretty box of Aurifil colors! Thank you to you and Aurifil for a great giveaway!

    xo -E

  258. I use Aurifil all the time, for piecing and free motion quilting. It is also the best thread for hand sewing, it never seems to get tangled even if I have a really long piece. Love it! Thanks!!

  259. I am indeed a dedicated Aurifiller. I find it makes such a difference for piecing, surface quilting, and hand sewing. LOVE IT! I only have large spools of some basics … white, light and dark greys, tan, and a couple of small coloured spools. How I wish I had more colour variety at hand.

  260. I have never used Aurifil, but I really want to! I’ve been using various Coats and Clark thread for piecing and quilting, but hate how messy it is! I’m to the point in my quilting that I want higher quality results in every area, so I’ve been trying out other threads with mixed results (Sulky = meh, Isacord = machine did not like, Superior thread = the best so far). I’m thinking of maybe getting a sampler pack of Aurifil for Mother’s Day (the next holiday I can use as an excuse to buy myself something!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  261. I do use Aurifil thread – but not exclusively – I’ve become a bit of a thread junky and little by little am building my aurifl collection. Still I love their wool 12 wt the best. I like the texture I can get with my art work – but its hard to get to fmq. I’m thinking I’m going to put it in the bobbin and do it from there!

  262. I’m using Aurifil for the first time on the two quilts I’m currently working on. I’m using the 50 wt orange spool and love it for piecing. I haven’t tried quilting with it yet, but I think it would look amazing with tone on tone fabrics. It seems like it would sink right into the fabric and reveal the texture of the quilting without being too thready on backtracked areas. I’m trying to experiment with a variety of threads, from trilobal polyester to silk, to determine the best uses for each type.

  263. I love Aurafil! It is the only thread I use for my piecing and quilting! Great giveaway thank you for the chance :)

  264. While I do not have a ton of Aurifil thread, I have been replacing my thread a roll at a time with this. I find it easier to do long quilting runs without it breaking and fraying! Thanks for the chance to win!

  265. I first learned of aurafil threads from a wonderful machine quilter that I took classes from. She loved the weight for intense quilting. However, when I saw the difference in piecing that it made, I gave all my other threads to charity.
    Once you piece with this, you can’t go back!

  266. Gorgeous quilts!:) i dont use aurifil cos i cant find it in stores around my area so i just use some other thread lying around my house haha

  267. No, I’ve never used this thread but keep hearing about it all across blogland. I’d love to give it a try. I use what my local quilt store sells which is Metrosene.

  268. YES, YES, and YES, I use Aurifil threads for piecing (50wt.), longarm quilting (40wt.), and any other time I need a good, dependable and beautiful thread. Don’t know how I sewed without it all those years ago!!! Thanks.

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  270. I have never used Aurifil. I have used all kinds of thread for my quilting and I’d love to try it.

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