And the finished size of that square is…


… 3/4″!  Thank you, ladies, for playing along!  Ellen is the first one who correctly guessed the finished size.  Please send me your address, Ellen!  I will get a spool of Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton thread out to you asap.

This week has darted by so quickly that I am having trouble accepting that it is already Friday.  I hope a fun and lovely weekend awaits you.  Are you doing anything special?  It looks like it will be work for me — I will feel MUCH better once I send out the two quilts I am working on at the moment.  Since they are calling for snow, I have the perfect constraint to not venture out and just work and go to church on Sunday.  I will catch up with you again on Monday!

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8 thoughts on “And the finished size of that square is…

  1. 1/4″….yikes!!!! That’s for youthful eyes and patient fingers!!!!! Saturday eve is a gathering of some of our biker friends and Sunday, after church, is a birthday party for our grand daughter. She turned 23 yesterday and she and hubby are parents to our beautiful g.grand daughter (Payten) and will be having another daughter in mid July. Will be a wonderful afternoon. Will try for photos, but am not very good when there’s a little one to hold!!!! Blessings…..

  2. I can’t imagine working on two quilts at once! I know I’d get confused and mess myself up! We’re just supposed to have rain in Charlotte tomorrow, but we have a Suzuki violin event and birthday party to attend for one son tomorrow, Chinese tutoring for the other son, and piano lessons for both of them in the afternoon. And then it’s Palm Sunday, and our new pastor — whom we haven’t met yet! — will be leading worship for the first time. Plus I’ll be helping one child study for a social studies test on the American Revolution and the other son studying for a science test on weather. Busy, busy, busy! I can’t wait for Spring break so everyone can just RELAX!

  3. Tiny….tiny piecing!! That is what I like about quilting…..looking at what other people are doing and knowing there is always something new around the corner!!

    This weekend is a quilt show put on by the Lakeside quilters. Some inspiration, some shopping and some meeting of old friends.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. My specil project this weekend will be sewing with my 11 year old granddaughter. We are making a little “snap purse.” We need to finish it before we head back to CA mid week.

  5. Just bought a copy of Simple Quilts and Sewing – and there you are Wendy! Stained Glass! Gorgeous! You must be so organized, to be able to accomplish so much! Your quilt list just grows, and grows! My special project this weekend – assembling some finished blocks into a flimsy!

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