Pam’s Star Quilts!

Hello Friends,  I want to thank you for all your encouraging comments regarding my UFO Fiasco.  I shall charge on and finish up the smocking.  I worked on it a little last night, and I don’t have much more to do before that part is done.


A few weeks ago, I posted the following in my “Starry Host” preview:

“The reason I like making star blocks is because they draw my thoughts heavenward.  I cannot help but hear in my mind the words “I see the stars” from the great hymn “How Great Thou Art” by Carl Boberg sung in Mandarin.  Whenever I hear that hymn, I am prompted to step away from my immediate concerns of life, and just focus on the bigger picture for a moment…

What are your feelings toward star blocks?  Are star blocks some of your favorite blocks to make?  Do star blocks invoke any special thoughts in you?”


Pam in Oregon wrote to me, and shared a special star quilt she made in 2005.

“I, too, like star blocks.  They are versatile.  They can be whimsical or “serious.”  One of my favorite star block quilts was done for my grandson, Sam.  Sam’s daddy is an Air Force Navigator, and part of his training was to learn to “shoot cel” navigate by the stars and not just by GPS!  As his mom, I suggested –that he learn that skill very well because ‘ya never know when someone will shoot the satellites down.  Anyway, Sam’s quilt is star blocks and star fabrics with hand quilted stars in them.  I called it “Shootin’ Cel.”

I love to hear the story behind a quilt, and Pam’s is a touching one!  And little Sam is blessed to have Pam as his grandmother.

Sam's 05

Pam also sent pictures of a recently completed star quilt for her newest daughter-in-law.  I have a suspicion Pam’s daughter-in-law must be quite the star in her new family to receive such a beautiful quilt. ;)



Pam ‘s quilts are no strangers to Ivory Spring readers, you may recall  seeing her quilts here.  Thank you, Pam, for sharing your work!  You must be just the star in your family, making treasured heirlooms for them!

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  I love that you are such an interactive bunch — I love receiving pictures and emails from you all.  So keep them coming.  Meanwhile, I am down with a cold again and still trying to work.  Please pray for me. I am going to lay down for a bit, but not before telling you that you are all stars in my book!

5 thoughts on “Pam’s Star Quilts!

  1. Do star blocks invoke any special thoughts in you?” Yes, fear!!! I bought a beautiful BOM a few years back, and the 1st block was a star. Yes, I messed it up. The whole Bom is packed up waiting for me to improve and get over my fear! I will one of these days.

  2. Wendy – I love star blocks… and on my list of things to do is make a random star quilt — where each individual star is of the same fabric. It will give me plenty of open space to quilt !!

    I hope you feel better soon — I was down with the cold for almost a full week — just getting by.

    Praying for you.

  3. I totally agree. I am new to quilting, having only made one big quilt and a couple of baby quilts. my next project is a bed quilt for my own bed and I am going to make Ohio stars in a variety of pastels and link them all together with lemon sashing and a lemon border. That’s the theory. I just have to collect enough fabrics to get started. I think the stars lend themselves to a “scrappy” quilt. I don’t think I am quite up to “feather” quilting yet. I have just mastered random all over quilting!!!

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