YAY DAY: Fabrics Preview

Good morning, Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  By the time you read this post, I would have cut into these cute fabrics from Birch’s Yay Day collection.  Birch makes organic quilting cotton fabrics in case you aren’t familiar with this company – perfect for making something for a newborn.


This is my first time using organic cotton fabrics!  The fabrics have a really nice feel to them.  I am curious to know if you have sewn/quilted with organic fabrics before and what you thought of them.

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s another busy day at Ivory Spring…. have a great weekend!  I will be sharing another magazine quilt next Monday!  Don’t forget to come back, okay?

Weekend blessings to you all.


19 thoughts on “YAY DAY: Fabrics Preview

  1. The short answer is no. I’m a rebel when it comes to organic. :) The long answer is…if I sewed anything it would be with fabrics that just caught my eye without any regard to how easy or hard they were to sew with and definitely no regard to organic or not and then at about an hour into the project all would be discarded in a heap on the floor. Sewing is not my strong suit.
    These fabrics will be nice together in a quilt, though, and I appreciate the fact that this is your strong suit! :)

  2. I’m curious to know the price per yard and where they come from. I’m a bit skeptical. Are boll weevils still an issue in the cotton producing region? We could get on a political off-topic discussion but shall use lady-like restraint and stick with all things quilty. They are cute.

  3. Can’t wait to see what you do with that cute-gorgeous fabric. I did make your pie –can’t remember if I emailed you or not. DEL__ICIOUS!!!

  4. I have used organic cottons in a quilt, and honestly didn’t notice any difference. I didn’t know they were organic until I went online to find out the name of the collection!

  5. I always look for your post first because I know I’m going to smile inside after I read it. Thank you so much for being a blogger, sharing Miss Baby with us, and for all your quilting help. Oh, I just loved miss baby’s “quilt”!

  6. Beautiful fabrics, Wendy! I especially love that orange print. I must confess, I shop for quilt fabrics based on color, pattern and scale, not whether they are organic or not. Now fruits and veggies, on the other hand — I do try to buy organic produce as much as possible.

  7. Those are so cute! And another magazine quilting coming out?! How do you do it? I just managed to finished one I’ve been working on in between customer quilts. Feels so good:) Came out great too!

  8. I have never worked with Organic cotton before. But have bought some fabric to make a quilt. But wondering what kind of batting to use to retain its authenticity?

  9. I bought some Organic Cotton? Bamboo this week from Lancaster and Cornish, beautiful fabric, lovely feel and sews like a dream

  10. Bamboo batting would compliment it well as Bamboo grows without the need for chemicals therefore it is organic although it is not certified Organic, (If that makes sense)

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