Look what I got in the mail…

… these adorable thread holders!


They are made from timber, and adorned with imagery from Lynette Anderson’s artwork. They are sold through Little Quilt Shop.


I love these thread holders because they are larger and sturdier than the plastic ones I have been using.  You know you want these thread holders especially if you do any sort of handwork.  Click here to order, or click here for the current giveaway of a pack of the very same thread holders!


While you are there, do check out Lynette’s patterns – it seems like this talented Australian lady has a gabazillion of them.  I love Lynette’s heirloomy  approach to designing – the imagery in her artwork draws from her memories from childhood as well as her family life.  Right now, my favorite pattern from Lynette’s stash is her Pirate Treasure.  Miss Baby would be a pirate ANYTIME over being a princess.  She is always drawing a map to the ultimate treasure chest.  So, seeing Lynette’s pirate pattern brought a smile to my face.

pirate treasure L

I hope you enjoy visiting Lynette’s site!  Leave a comment to let her know you appreciate her work.  So, curious and nosy mind here would like to know if you have heard of Lynette before today!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a stupendous day, Dear Friends!

p.s.  In case you are wondering… that’s the progress of my Three French Hens ornament.  Miss Baby’s version is just not doing it for me. ;)  But of course I wouldn’t tell my Miss Precious that…


12 thoughts on “Look what I got in the mail…

  1. I have not visited Lynette’s sight before, but I will be going back again and again. Love unique and different sewing notions. The pirate pattern is really different……great idea.

  2. I guess because I live in New Zealand we are neighbours to Austraila, so maybe we know of her more here? Although I believe she has taught all over the world? I met Lynette, when I attended one of her workshops when she visited last year. I’ve made few of her patterns up for shop samples too. Wendy if you see this post
    http://quiltmekiwi.blogspot.co.nz/2011/04/lynette-anderson.html you will see a quilting job I did for her. I would love to go to her wee shop some day.
    Enjoy your cute thread holders!

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