Pam’s Warm Blessings

Hi Friends, Pam’s Warm Blessings is perfect for the cold spell that has descended where I live.  I love Pam’s rectangular version of the quilt (see image below)!  Click here to read about her quilt.


Here is my Warm Blessings, originally featured in Quilter’s World’s December 2012 issue.


As Pam noted in her post, the pattern instructions in the magazine were not entirely accurate.  I had post about the quilt assembly diagram mistake I spotted in this post, but didn’t know there were additional mistakes.  Please click here for the revisions issued by Quilter’s World.  [Behind the scenes:  I don’t have any control once I send out my instructions to the appropriate editorial staff to format/re-word my instructions to fit the magazine layout.  So, I am sorry for the inconvenience you and Pam have to endure in making this quilt.  I have posted the link to the revisions to my posts mentioning this quilt.]

I wonder if you have had a similar experience as Pam – what you ended up doing.  Do share!

Thanks for stopping by, and “Warm Blessings” to you and yours!  And a big “THANK YOU” to Pam for sharing her quilt.

8 thoughts on “Pam’s Warm Blessings

  1. Thansk for the revisions!!! I actually have that pattern (magazine) and was thinking about making it for a spring quilt for the grands….. Nice to know that there is a revision I can attach b4 I get started. Very timely info! Because I really loved that quilt pattern!

  2. Beautiful quilt Wendy! I’ve found mistakes in books, patterns, and magazines. We are humans and mistakes happen. I make mistakes even when the directions are right! It always gives me an opportunity to redesign the pattern myself. Since I have EQ7 software, I have been finding myself rechecking and redesigning quilt patterns to suit my needs. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work :)

  3. That is such a beautiful quilt and Pam’s rendering is equally so. Amazing how the change in color usage creates a totally new outcome! That is the attraction quilting has for me……every quilt is an “original”!

  4. Wendy, just picked up my copy of Machine Quilting and read your article on feathers. I have a quilt top that I didn’t know what to do with and now I am ready to give those feathers a try!!

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