The Chronicle of Miss Baby’s Paper Sticker Quilt

It’s really straining this Mom’s imagination (!) when she has to come up with a craft to make everyday for school.  So, I resorted to quilt-making one day this past week for Miss Baby’s school craft.  I took the opportunity to teach her the front, back and binding of a quilt.


I drafted a staggered chain-4-patch-block layout, and asked Miss Baby to color the chain blocks.  She told me a few times she was ready to quit (Haha!  That’s exactly how I feel when I have made the same block for the umpteenth time!), but perseverance is the name of the game of quilting before the fun part…


… stickers!  Miss Baby got to use stickers to fill in the rest of the quilt layout.


Notice Miss Baby’s quilt has an Amish mistake here.  “Ooops” was her response!  There is a practice within the Amish community of intentionally placing a mistake into every quilt,  illustrating that only God is perfect and people are not.  Thus the things people make are therefore, by definition, imperfect.


Then, I let Miss Baby pick out a “backing” for the quilt from my paper stash.  We then glued the quilt front to the quilt back, and trimmed an extra 1/8″ all around for…


… the binding! :)  The binding is marked using a marker.  Can you tell where Miss Baby did the binding, and where I did the binding?  Miss Baby quickly lost interest in finishing up with the binding.  As a good Mom (ahem!), I went ahead and finish up the binding for her, just like many of you have done for your quilting friends or family who don’t care to bind their quilts.



Thanks for stopping by and looking at Miss Baby’s paper sticker quilt.  I hope the quilt brings a smile to your face as you start out your new week!  Hugs to you all.


26 thoughts on “The Chronicle of Miss Baby’s Paper Sticker Quilt

  1. Brilliant idea, Mom!! Very good work Miss Baby. I love children’s art, I will try this with my Granddaughter when she is older, only 10 months now.

  2. well done Miss Baby! You persevered and got a lovely result. I wonder if it took more patience on Miss Baby’s part or your part? :)

  3. Sew very cute! This must be saved as her first quilt ever because you KNOW she’s going to be a quilter when she gets a bit older. :)

  4. I was definitely smiling when I read the post. It seems to me you will be passing on quilt making to Miss Baby. And what a beautiful way to teach a younger child the basics.

    I have tried with soome of my older grandchildren but they are not around me now. They seem to enjoy it and my granddaughter caught on really quick. Perhaps that would be a good activity if they came to see me or if I went to see them. I may think of a quilt we could do together and have it ready for visits in the future.

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