Happy 281st Birthday, General Washington!

General Washington is regarded with high veneration at our house.  His face was the first face of a “public figure” Miss Baby recognized, a little after she turned two.  So, today we at Ivory Spring would like to take the opportunity to remember the General’s birthday.  I found an interesting read on setting the facts straight on Presidents’ Day vs. Washington’s Birthday here by former executive director of Mount Vernon, James C.  Reese.   [Personal footnote:  I have for years appreciated Mr. Reese’s work in preserving General  Washington’s legacy.]


This year I received the following note card from Mount Vernon Ladies Association.


What thrilled me was the little tidbit I found on the back of the card about how Americans used to exchange postcards to mark Washington’s birthday.


I thought to myself, “What a great idea!”  Maybe we at Ivory Spring community could do something similar with quilted/or homemade postcards next year?  What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ve got to run to get some work done for now… as  Miss Baby and I will be making a homemade cherry pie,

cherry pie

as well as a Japanese Fruit Pie later today.  Click here to find out why Japanese Fruit Pie.


Have a great weekend, DEAR Friends – and safe one too for my mid-western friends!  I shall see you again next week.


12 thoughts on “Happy 281st Birthday, General Washington!

  1. THANK YOU for such a patriotic post today…love the idea of exchanging fabric postcards next year, but you will need to remind some of us well ahead of time LOL ps–I have a plate very similar, if not the same as the one the slice of cherry pie sits on!

  2. Lovely tribute to General Washington. He was a great man and a patriot.
    He is probably rolling over in his grave at the unbelievably bloated governmentally controlled and manipulated country we have begun.
    I love cherry pie! We have one in our fridge right now, as we bake one every President’s Day. Two pieces left for this afternoon with hubbs.
    Have a wonderful day

  3. Thank you for the wonderful post! I hope other children are being taught who George Washington is–we are always one generation away from not knowing our past! There’s a lot of things wrong with our county, but there’s a lot of things that are right :)

  4. Have a fun day baking homemade pie with Miss Baby. Thanks for the history lesson. I, too, would like to celebrate Washington’s Birthday. Postcards would be fun!!

  5. Both pies would be delish with a hot cup of great coffee, me thinks! Thanks for raising our awareness of such a notable day. I am afraid we have “fallen” quite far from the patriotism I grew up with. Very sad. Spent the day finishing the “flimsy” for a QOV (quite appropriate I think!). Note: the current storm is winding down….left 6″+ in its wake. The next ‘event’ is due to hit later Mon……rain, ice and snow this time…ugh! And with the local quilt gathering scheduled for that night, too!-( Happened last month (same night) and we rescheduled for 2 nites later. We’ll see how this time works out. Have a great weekend! Hugs, D

  6. We are having snow here in Wisconsin as well. This post reminds me of the wonderful cherries that are grown in Summer in Door County, WI. A warm thought on a cold day!

  7. I LOVE your idea to exchange George Washington postcards next year! My family celebrates the birthday of George Washington NOT “Presidents Day,” to keep with the original plan of celebrating the man responsible for the formation of this wonderful, original, Country!! I don’t mind having a day to celebrate our current president (just for loyalty reasons, if nothing else, because we STILL have to remain faithful that God is in charge) but we believe we do a dis-service to our children if we do away with one of the most important people in our countries history!! BTW, we also love Cherry pie, my husband being from Michigan, we have it a LOT because it’s his “comfort” food from when he was a kid!

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