Starry Host: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends!  I think it’s about 50/50 from your comments about whether you liked the green/red or the blue/burgundy berry print fabrics from my post “A Tale of Two Colorways” a few days ago.



And here is a sneak peek to show you what I have done with the blue/burgundy berry print.  By the time you read this post, I would have made close to 30 star blocks of different variations.  Stay tuned for future reveal.


I have shared with you before I am not passionate about piecing.  When I do piece, nothing thrills me more than piecing star blocks.  You can see in the following the star blocks I have pieced in the past:

winter traditions6

starry pursuit4



Thanksgiving Topper1



The reason I like making star blocks is because they draw my thoughts heavenward.  I cannot help but hear in my mind the words “I see the stars” from the great hymn “How Great Thou Art” by Carl Boberg sung in Mandarin.  Whenever I hear that hymn, I am prompted to step away from my immediate concerns of life, and just focus on the bigger picture for a moment…

What are your feelings toward star blocks?  Are star blocks some of your favorite blocks to make?  Do star blocks invoke any special thoughts in you?

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a lovely day.

9 thoughts on “Starry Host: Sneak Peek

  1. I, too, love stars. Since moving to our beautiful rural home, I have gotten very spoiled being able to view the night sky in all of its glory! The blackest black and the brightest of stars….awesome! Stars can have so much meaning, too, such as the one over the small barn/house in a little town about 2000 yrs ago. I did a QOV last year (here: that I designed with falling stars to represent those military who have fallen in the line of duty. Many prayers go with that piece of fabric.

  2. Wendy, your choice of piecing stars is very beautiful and I have added “Stars of Hope” to my pattern collection. Your creations thrill me, and I feel you have a special gift from our creator which you have and continue to develop each and every day. And you bless all of us with your special gift.

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