Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!!

Miss Baby and I made these hanging wreaths as our after-school craft a few days ago.

heart wreath

A heart garland with added monkeys, also made by Miss Baby.


And these are the handmade Valentines I made for a party Miss Baby and I attended.


Here the Valentines are as “far as the eyes can see”… I made 30 of them, and it took me only 4 hours, ha!


We will be back to something quilty tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I am waiting rather impatiently for 4-5 of my recently featured projects to return to me.  I shall share the projects as I receive them.  I wish you all a very sweet and blessed day!   God bless.

Are you doing anything special today?


10 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Well, I ordered material for a new quilt this morning…happy Valentine’s Day to me! Enjoyed your Valentine post and photos. :) (PS: Like you, I’m a faithful Rogers Sewing Center fan!)

  2. Good choice on the chocolates!!!! Such lovely Valentines! I do hope Miss Baby made one for you! Having homemade heart-shaped pizza for supper and sewing/prepping for a workshop I’m doing at our quilt group in a while. Also, getting ready to speak on the topic of my quilting/sewing journey at a ladies’ luncheon on Saturday. Busy days here, too! Happy Valentine’s Day! Hugs……

  3. What fun! Memories being made! Love the candy valentines even though it took 4 hrs. lots of mother-daughter time. Very important and so much fun.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  4. Cute Valentines. Both you and Miss Baby a sew talented. Fun, fun together time. I created quilted Valentine postcards for each of my grandchildren this year. One for my sweetie too. Anxious to see your quilts. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. I have been taking a fabulous class from Cathy Wiggins at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC all week. Super fun and rewarding! We are painting pictures (flowers, horses, parrots, penguins–whatever is the favorite subject of each student) onto fabric and later they will be layered and quilted at home. We will Definitely have Cathy back to teach in June 2014.

  6. I have beeen busy the past few days organizeing fabric scraps and remnants. Ironing folding organizeing in clear plastic salad & lettuce bins I get from Sams. I am reuseing, recycleing & repurposeing.

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