Bountiful: Final Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,

I also finished up Bountiful to ship to the editor over the weekend.  Here is a quilted sneak peek for you:


Pebbles are so fun to quilt, and they always make a visual statement!  I have shared about quilting them here, here, and here.

Gotta run, Dear Friends!  Instead of working, I ended up spending close to four hours hand-making Valentines for Miss Baby to bring to a party.  It was fun doing something crafty that is not work-related, but it is now time for me to get serious again!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hugs to you all.

12 thoughts on “Bountiful: Final Sneak Peek

  1. I know; I still have to get my son’s valentines ready for school as well!

    I still have so much trouble with pebbles, even when I try to doodle them on paper they come out like lumpy rocks instead of smooth pearls or pebbles! But I will keep trying. Yours are always so lovely, it keeps me motivated to keep working at it!

    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Wendy!

  2. Love making Valentines!!! Spent some time this morning making one for my DH. A photo of it is the first photo in my Feb. 14th post!!! Love pebbles!!! The final effect is awesome!!!! Now, off to prep for a talk on quilting this Sat. at a ladies’ gathering at a local church. Fun!! Blessings………

  3. I love what I see and can’t wait to see the rest. I think pebbles are the only free motion quilting I can do that looks half way decent. I love your quilting. Hugs

  4. This quilt is very interesting to me with the red (think Christmas and Valentine’s Day) and with the green leaves and the gold it makes a year around statement. This is another winner!!!

    Here in Wisconsin we are getting snow for Valentine’s Day!

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