Snowy Friends: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,

I came through my “mainly working weekend” fine, and managed to ship off two upcoming feature projects.  We didn’t get snow from Nemo, but we did get the wind and the cold.  For once I worked on a project that was in tune with my physical world and reality.  One of my snowy friends wants to say hello to you:


I loved hand stitching my snowy friends.  Though I adore stitchery projects, I don’t get to work on them a lot.  So, I really cherished the time being able to sit in my stitching chair and worked on these snowy darlings.

I am curious though… which needles you like best for stitchery projects?  I should dearly like to learn of your favorites.  I used John James’ Embroidery needles (size 8) for the snowy friends, and am wondering if there are better needles out there.

I have got to fly — laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, pattern instruction galore!!  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Monday.

18 thoughts on “Snowy Friends: Sneak Peek

  1. It depends on what I’m stitching but generally I love John James needles. The weird thing is even though they are made here I have to buy them from the States. Madness. For stitching on linen I like the short needles and I haven’t tried sewing on anything else yet but when I do I’ll let you know.

  2. Love your snowman–I have to admit that I haven’t hand stitched for a long time, but I’ve thread painted some blocks for a Christmas quilt that I’m presently quilting. Maybe I should consider some quiet time hand-stitching :)

  3. My goodness. I don’t even know! I use whatever happens to be in my needle case that feels good at the moment. I think I’ve lately been using needles out of a package of DMC assorted embroidery needles. Hard to tell by looking though. I love Clover Black Gold needles for applique. I don’t even know if they have stitchery needles. Hmmmmm.

  4. I use the same ones! Although I haven’t done much of that lately. Glad you weren’t part of that storm! We had torrents of rain (weird!) which was a good thing cuz we would have been totally buried if it would have been the white stuff! Did a lot of sewing/quilting in the past few days. Such fun! Hugs…….

  5. You should get a pack of home embroidery needles from Wendy Schoen Designs. You will nit be disappointed! She has individual packs if specific sizes or you can get a nice variety pack.

  6. Your snow friend is too cute :-) I can’t really say what needle I like, because I have done so little hand work… but, I am working on one (very slowly lol) so would also like to hear what others find works best for them. Thanks for sharing Wendy!

  7. I LOVE your little Snowy Friend, one can never have too many snow “people” I do hand stitching but like others tend to use whatever is at hand at the moment.

  8. I love your little snowman. Cute, cute, cute!! I am anxious to see the rest of the quilt!! I generally use John James needles, but more recently have been using Bohin Crewel Embroidery needles, size 10, with a single strand of silk embroidery floss. They seem to be working well. I have liked all Bohin products that I have tried.

    • I always used John James for the heirloom embroidery I used to do. Don’t remember the size, but I liked them best.

  9. I love the Clover Black Gold Needles, size 9. I have noticed that since 1980 when I started my love with quilting and applique that I used to use size 12 needles. That is how much my hand strength/flexibility has changed in 33 years. Don’t do as fine of a quilting stitch but my applique is still spot-on perfectly small. I discovered the black gold needles not too long ago and only buy them now. I also use them for embroidery if the thread is fine enough to go into the tiny hole.
    Your little red snowman is darling!
    donna j from kansas

  10. I haven’t hand stitched in forever and a day. The needles I still have from my smocking have like gold colored area around the top part or eye area. And the needles eye looks more “squareish” vs. the normal eye hole. I do not have the package they came from anymore. i do know I bought them at a heirloom store and they were recomended by the store for smocking and embroidery. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

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