Flora Linda: Final Sneak Peek

Hello Friends,  Flora Linda is completed and shipped!  Here is a final sneak peek for you.

Flora Linda

This quilt was a fun one to make.  I was actually a bit sad when the quilt was completed.  Stay tuned for information on the pattern instructions.  And to all you quilting Linda’s out there — I do love hanging out with you!  Well, I love hanging out with all of you – even if your name isn’t Linda, or if you don’t quilt! :)

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s a work and school day for me – so I’ve got to run.  [Working day:  that’s nothing new – I am always working.  School day:  the prep school Miss Baby went to last Fall closed, so we are doing school at home 5 days a week until she goes to a “real” school this Fall!  I was telling someone that this school stuff is really cramping my (quilting) style, haha!]

22 thoughts on “Flora Linda: Final Sneak Peek

  1. Beautiful quilt of wha I can see love skinny borders, although I don ‘t attempt them much. Too bad the school closed how sad for the little ones who went there. Sad for the parents too I am sure. Have fun.
    Hugs Bunny

  2. I know how you fee. After 6 weeks school holidays – Andrea has come home from 1st day back at School saying she is off to Art camp tomorrow … till Saturday afternoon…Yay – I have 4 whole days to quilt …day OR night :)
    I too am so looking forward to seeing the quilt – the colours and the design are quite stunning.

  3. Looks good Wendy. At least what I can see of it! lol And may I say that it’s been great hanging out with you and Miss Baby! You’re such an inspiration to this Linda and I’m sure you inspire everyone who reads your blog. (((hugs)))

  4. Though those aren’t my colors, I really like the design.

    We homeschooled for four years, and I likened it to having a part time job. It does take up a lot of time. After that, though, it was nice doing K-4 at home with my youngest, as that only took an hour or so.

  5. If I/we had it to do over I would have home-schooled for sure. It is a very time-costly decision but one that can reap many blessings for all involved. Look forward to seeing more of that quilt!!! Blessings……

  6. I like the skinny borders and now I am inspired to try this on my next quilt. You always keep me thinking, Wendy. You will be great at home schooling!!

  7. I LOVE IT!!! I can’t wait to see the pattern and get my material. I have made the ‘monkey business’ and the ‘Lady Bug’ quilt, can’t wait to make a ‘grownup’ quilt. Love you ideas and patterns. Thanks

  8. i know what you mean about being sad when a quilt is done! i have one that i hand quilted and as happy as i was to see it finished, i was also a little sad because i couldn’t work on it anymore! your quilt is beautiful!

  9. Hmmm that’s a good teaser. Love the colors of this quilt. Can’t wait to see the complete quilt.

    Good luck with home schooling. Sometimes its fun and sometimes it can hard. Just enjoy the time with her.

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