It comes down to… Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics!

[Before I go any further, please be advised that I am temporarily not reachable at my regular email address until later this week.  That means, I am temporarily not able to reply to your comments, or answer your questions sent to that email address.  I will be able to retro-access those emails once things are sorted out.  The sidebar on the blog is going to look funny with missing pictures too – just so you know. Meanwhile, if you need to reach me, please write me at]

With that being out of the way… Hello to you, my friends.  I had shared with you my Garden Maze quilt last Friday.  Click here to view more pictures of the quilt.

QW SIP 2013_Modernology3

I think “Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics” in quilting is like “Location, Location, Location” in real estate.  Depending on the fabrics one uses for a quilt design, one could end up with totally different looking quilts!

My friend Vicki, who hand-dyes and sells her fabrics, worked up transcending versions of Garden Maze using her Transcend Fabric Palette! What I find most fascinating is the various ways from which Vicki finds inspiration for her palettes.

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Vicki’s fabrics give Garden Maze totally different looks.  Following are just a couple I am sharing here.  You can view more done with the different Transcend fabrics here, and purchase the fabrics here.

I really like this Maritime version:

6a00d8341c1b7353ef017d40baa627970c-400wi{image source:}

And this one, I really like – I envision quilting allover feathers in gold on this one.

6a00d8341c1b7353ef017d40baa50f970c{image source:}

I consider Vicki as one of the COOL quilters!  She is knowledgeable in a host of fabric-and-thread-related techniques.  If you have never stopped by her blog, you have to – you will enjoy Vicki’s postings on various topics.

Have a great week ahead!

7 thoughts on “It comes down to… Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics!

  1. You are so correct…fabrics/colors can make a difference in a quilt. Love what you created.

    While I don’t have a great strength in this area, there is a talent to look at a design and be able to plot out what fabrics/colors one might use to make the quilt vs copy it exactly. I do so enjoy opportunities to see a design made in a number of color palettes. Some pop, some don’t. Yours looks great.

    Sorry you are having email issues. No need to respond to my message. Just popping by and finding inspiration.


  2. Colour can change the personality of a pattern so dramatically! Thank you for sharing Wendy – I even signed up for Vicki’s newletter!

  3. I really love both the Maritime and Purple/Gold of Vicki’s quilts. The Maritime because it is playful and the Purple/Gold because it is so regal! Vicki’s fabrics are beautiful. It is amazing she dyes them on her own.

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